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Embaucher un jeune diplômé : quels avantages ?

Hiring a young graduate: what are the advantages?

As the saying goes: “To the well-born, value does not wait for the number of years”.  While experienced talent has skills and expertise to offer, start-ups are not left out. Today, we present the advantages of hiring a young graduate. Why hire a young graduate?  Let’s face it: hiring a young graduate has many advantages!  […]

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Jobaffinity & AssessFirst Partnership 🤗👊

Jobaffinity & AssessFirst, the N°1 soft-skills assessment solution, have teamed up to offer you an exclusive offer: a 30-day trial and free training on personality tests! How to benefit from it? Sign up for our Jobaffinity recruitment software to take advantage of this offer by clicking here. To learn more about AssessFirst AssessFirst is a […]

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gamification du recrutement

Gamification: an innovative recruitment method

What if you offered a unique recruitment experience to your target? Gamification of recruitment allows you to unearth talents through a playful path. This method is a real asset for your company. In this article, we propose you to discover this method, its interests, its advantages, its objectives and the different possible games.  Gamification of […]

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Méthode de recrutement par simulation (MRS)

What is the simulation recruitment method?

The simulation-based recruitment method, also known as SRM, makes it possible to broaden the search for candidates and to test them in a concrete manner. Rather than relying on CV analysis, it focuses on the abilities required for the position offered. If, like many recruiters, you’ve already hired an ideal-looking candidate who, in the end, […]

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Recrutement programmatique

Programmatic recruitment: definition and benefits

Finding the right candidate while saving time during the recruitment process is every recruiter’s dream. To meet this challenge, we’d like to talk to you today about programmatic recruitment. Focus on this innovative approach! What is programmatic recruitment?   Programmatic advertising appeared in the 2000s and has revolutionized the traditional advertising approach. This is why […]

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multidiffusion offres d'emploi

Job offers: how to multicast them efficiently?

According to an APEC study dedicated to the challenges of multicasting job offers, “79% of recruiters surveyed who have a recruitment software package use it to distribute executive job offers. We can therefore understand that behind this tool lie real issues of efficiency and time saving. What are the advantages of this function and how […]

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Comment débaucher un salarié, quelles sont les règles à respecter ?

How to poaching an employee, what are the rules to respect?

Your company is growing and you need to recruit? The only downside is that you are having trouble finding the right person. So you look at employees of competing companies. Rest assured, poaching an employee from a competitor is perfectly legal in France. It is even a common practice, regardless of the size of the […]

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quel logiciel de recrutement choisir

ATS, CRM, HRIS: what recruitment software do you need?

Posting ads, sourcing candidates, making contact, sorting applications, setting up interviews… A hiring process is full of steps, each more crucial than the last! To make this process more fluid, recruiters can now rely on a series of tools. In this article, we give you the keys to choose the recruitment software that fits your […]

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budget recrutement

Attracting talent with a small recruitment budget: our tips

All companies are aware of this: recruitment is a vector of growth. It’s impossible to grow and reach your goals without a good human capital. But here’s the thing: finding the rare pearl when you’re a young company with no resources can be a real headache… In this article, we share our advice on how […]

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aides à l'embauche

Hiring financial aids in 2022: we tell you everything

It is common knowledge that recruitment difficulties have never been so acute in France. At the end of 2021, nearly 800,000 job offers published on Pôle Emploi remained unfilled. The reasons: unattractive working conditions, geographical mismatch (between supply and demand), lack of skills or training…  To reduce these recruitment tensions, the government has multiplied in […]

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