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LinkedIn extension for our recruitment software Jobaffinity

We have developed a specific extension for the Chrome browser for our Jobaffinity recruitment software. This extension allows the capture of candidates from Linkedin. This means that you can integrate candidate profiles found on Linkedin and then integrate them into the Jobaffinity CV library.

When you search on LinkedIn you can therefore automatically save the candidate data in Jobaffinity.

The Chrome extension we have developed is available in the Chrome extension list, you can find it by clicking on the link below:

Jobaffinity / LinkedIn extension for Chrome

Of course, to use this extension you need to use the Google Chrome browser and the Jobaffinity recruitment software.

LinkedIn has become a must-have for many recruiters and also offers several solutions to help you optimise your recruitment. You can discover them in our article LinkedIn for recruiters.

Worpress / Joomla / Drupal recruitment module

In addition, we offer a new module for WordPress. This module allows you to easily broadcast your job offers in real time on your website. Thus, directly from your recruitment software you can broadcast your ads in 1 click on your website.

This dynamic display of your jobs or advertisements on your recruitment page is accompanied by a simple and complete back office of database and CV pools and allows the management of responses to candidates.

This module is WordPress compatible and interfaces easily with Joomla or Drupal. It is very easy to install, and requires no development.
If you are a web agency, we offer you a guide for the installation of this module on your client’s website.

JobAffinity also offers many other HR services and solutions to optimise your recruitment. For example, you will find

  • Several test and evaluation solutions such as Goshaba, Assessfirst and Central Test.
  • Contact solutions such as Easyrecrue, VisioTalents, Esendex, Calendly, …
  • Automatic publishing tools such as Talentplug, Intuition Software posting and wordpress
  • Other services like Parsing with Textkernel and jobaffinity APIs.

To find out more about JobAffinity and our various tools and integrations, please contact us.

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