Easily define your recruitment process and track all your applications

Numerous partners to make the perfect recruitment software

Jobaffinity is interconnected with numerous editors in the HRIS ecosystem. For some, we have even negotiated special offers;


Job listing multipublications

Easyposting is a job and internship advertisement multicasting solution integrated with Jobaffinity. You purchase a subscription based on the number of job boards you want to set up.


Recruitment test and human factor prediction solution for HR and managers

AssessFirst is a predictive recruitment solution that assesses a candidate’s potential for success in a given position.

It allows companies to discover who their candidates or employees really are, beyond their CVs, through :

  • What they can do: Aptitude test
  • What really motivates them: Motivation test
  • As well as the way they behave: Personality test

What’s more, our solution offers you multiple modules for dealing with both recruitment and internal employee development issues.


Secure your HR decisions and choose the right candidate for the right job!

Central Test offers online assessment solutions dedicated to identifying and developing potential at the heart of organizations.

Our tests enable you to assess personality, soft skills, motivation, reasoning abilities and a wide range of business skills, for all types of positions and levels of responsibility. Thanks to our comprehensive range of tools, you can adopt a multi-criteria approach to secure your HR decisions over the short, medium and long term!

The assessment results provide a predictive matching score for your candidates’ skills and their suitability for the job.


Automate your appointment scheduling

Vyte is a platform that facilitates the organization of appointments by taking into account the availability of each employee. It also allows you to create a personal availability page, which can be shared via a link.

Vyte also offers you the possibility to send interview invitations directly to your candidates. The recruiter then suggests available slots and locations and the candidate simply has to choose from these options. Plus, with our Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex integration, Vyte automatically generates virtual meeting rooms for you at interview confirmation for all your online interviews!

Optimize your time and increase your productivity with an appointment scheduling tool that will allow you to plan your meetings 10 times faster!


Automate your appointment scheduling


Video pre-interview solution

TextKernel Extract!

Resume parsing for candidate data extraction


Directory of recruitment agencies


HRIS for the optimization of administrative processes

KMB Labs

Chatbot system

Hippolyte RH

Sourcing, qualification and recruitment on social networks


Your customized career site


Sending SMS to candidates


Import LinkedIn profiles with Jobaffinity


Modern and gamified tests


Email and calendar synchronization


Email and calendar synchronization


Messaging application


PeopleSpheres is the next-generation human resources management platform designed to provide an HR solution tailored to your needs.

Choosing an HR solution can be a challenge. There are thousands of options on the market, but none that take into account all the complexities of your organization.

With PeopleSpheres, you have the freedom to compose your own solution by intelligently selecting and connecting any best-in-class HR system to our platform. Our solution delivers an unparalleled, unified employee experience across all of your most trusted HR tools.