Generation Y Using internet to find a job

illustration génération Y


Generation Y includes 16 million French people born between 1978 and 1994. This generation is very comfortable with computer tools and mostly uses the internet to find a job.

A TNS Sofres study reveals the top 3 means used on the Internet to find a job:

  • Job sites: 81
  • Unsolicited applications: 77
  • Company websites: 73%.
  • We can see that it is compulsory for a company to have an up-to-date employment page on the web with its job offers, internships and the possibility to apply spontaneously…

more and more recruitment sites are creating their own mobile applications to meet the needs of this highly connected generation.

This can also be an advantage for recruiters. It facilitates communication with candidates and sometimes speeds up the recruitment process.

In addition, the internet allows us to work with new communication channels, especially for remote interviews. For example, when a candidate is unable to attend an interview.

Even if we look at small SMEs with a low profile, candidates are looking more and more at companies with a human dimension, or close to their home and in areas that attract them. This is the purpose of Intuition software‘s jobaffinity tool, which allows all companies to have an up-to-date job page. Contact us and you can benefit from a free software license by becoming a partner.

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