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LinkedIn Limited Listings : tout ce que vous devriez savoir !

LinkedIn Limited Listings: everything you should know!

3.5 million unique visitors: that’s the number of French people who are visiting LinkedIn on a daily basis in 2022, according to Blog Digimind. Indeed, little by little, LinkedIn has become one of the most important social networks. It is currently the most used professional platform in the world. It is as interesting for professionals […]

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Can we really speak of a “Great Resignation” in France? 

The numbers are clear. Between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, DARES would have recorded nearly 520,000 resignations per quarter, including 470,000 resignations from permanent contracts. These are record figures not seen since 2008, which can be explained by a particularly dynamic labor market. But can we talk about a “Great Resignation” […]

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Short of candidates?

You have published a job offer on different jobboards but you are not receiving enough applications?   There are several reasons for this: a job description that is too classic, requirements that are too high, a company culture that is not valued enough or an obsolete recruitment method.  According to a 2019 Michael Page study (Recruitment […]

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Comment recruter avec une campagne Adwords ?

How to recruit with an Adwords campaign ?

Adwords is above all a precious tool to promote your products thanks to the Google search engine. It allows you to create specific ads dedicated to a carefully selected audience. But it is also a powerful tool to recruit talents. Discover in this article how to recruit with an Adwords campaign! Les atouts d’une publicité […]

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Collective interview: Our tips on how to prepare it well

The importance of soft skills is no longer in question! Faced with the growing obsolescence of know-how, today it is the time of social skills. Flexibility, teamwork proactivity… All these behavioral skills are now in demand in companies. All that remains is to evaluate them during the hiring process! Good News: That’s precisely what collective […]

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Mad Skills - Compétences atypiques.png

Mad Skills: the atypical skills that seduce the recruiter

After the trend of soft skills (human qualities and interpersonal skills) and hard skills (professional know-how), mad skills are now in vogue. Also known as crazy or atypical skills, these allow candidates to stand out from the crowd. What if you also put a bit of madness in your recruiting? What are mad skills?  Mad […]

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impliquer le manager dans le processus de recrutement

How to involve the manager in the recruitment process?

For several years now, recruitment has not been the sole responsibility of the human resources manager. The latter works hand in hand (or almost) with the manager to find the ideal candidate. This is called “collaborative recruitment”. This model can be well thought out, even strategic for the company. But it can also be self-imposed. […]

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Recrutement : analysez vos données de recrutement grâce au reporting

Recruitment: analyze your recruitment data with reporting

HR reporting is a powerful communication tool. It allows companies and especially recruiters to materialize statistical data to optimize their recruitments and better use their resources. It can be compared to a snapshot taken at a given moment of your company’s performance indicators. Discover in this article its advantages and the steps to produce a […]

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parsing ou analyse cv

Parsing or CV analysis: definition and functioning

Well known to recruiters, CV parsing is a method of automatically reading CVs. It is used to pre-qualify candidates and find the best talents in a minimum of time. Let’s take a look at this essential digital recruitment tool! Resume parsing, definition Also called “résumé parsing”, parsing is a technique for automatically analyzing résumés. In […]

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viviers de candidats

How to build and manage a pool of candidates?

No recruiter will say otherwise: a strong candidate pool makes recruiting much easier! In fact, according to a survey conducted in 2019 by HelloWork (formerly RegionsJob), “55% of recruiters believe that their recruitments are more difficult due to a smaller pool of candidates.” In this article, we will see how to build and maintain a […]

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