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Alexandre Noto, from Intuition Software, interviewed by Sandrine Guinot for Focus RH:

“In 2003, a study by Ernst & Young indicated that nearly 70% of French SMEs were not equipped with HR software tools. Eight years later, the market is booming. On the one hand, these structures have become aware of the need to equip themselves. On the other hand, Web 2.0 technologies have enabled the emergence of new players. As well as the adaptation and redesign of existing solutions.

If we look at all HR software tools, the rate of equipment in SMEs remains low, according to Matthieu Laudereau, Associate Director of ConvictionsRH. He identifies several reasons for this phenomenon. “In SMEs, it is not in the nature of the HR function to have an analytical vision.

Most of these structures outsource payroll to an accounting firm. Which does not encourage them to equip themselves with an HRIS.

Finally, their volume of data, in terms of training, recruitment and interviews, does not necessarily require more powerful solutions than Excel. “Below 20 to 30 employees, equipping yourself with an HRIS does not bring any real gain. Specially in terms of optimising the HR function, according to the associate director of ConvictionsRH.

HR software for SMEs : it all starts with recruitment

However, Alexandre Noto, founder of Intuition Software, believes that a milestone has been reached since 2008. “With the rise of SaaS and the example set by Salesforce in the field of CRM, SMEs have realised that these tools, which were previously reserved for large groups, are now accessible to them, both in terms of cost and ease of use. “A trend that has entered the world of HR software through the recruitment door.

This craze for recruitment software stems primarily from the operational needs of HR within SMEs. “In concrete terms, they need tools to manage the CVs that are pouring into their email inboxes, to gather all the information on applications in one place, and to be able to provide personalised responses to candidates. In 2011, this is the least they can do,” says Olivier Guérin.

When we talk about investment, these solutions can also prove profitable with only one or two recruitments per year. “By posting the profiles you are looking for on your site, you build up a pool of candidates that matches your recruitment needs. But you also show your dynamism, while ensuring better referencing on search engines.

Will other HR processes follow this trend?

Major players such as Sage and Lefebvre Software are moving in this direction. While Intuition Software is studying a partnership with Néosphères, creator of a complete HR platform dedicated to SMEs. The way seems open…”

Sandrine Guinot

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