What is the impact of the coronavirus on recruitment?

évolution du nombre de candidatures


We have aggregated data from over 3000 recruiters using our recruitment management software Jobaffinity. The objective of this analysis is to observe the impact of the coronavirus on recruitment during the lockdown and after. What are the consequences on the number of job offers and applications received?

Monday 16 March

This is the date of the beginning of the containment, we observe on the graph above a very strong drop in the number of applications. There are 4 times less candidates applying for jobs on 16 March than on 9 March.

Since 16 March

the volume of applications has increased every week. In 3 months (March, April and June) the volume of applications returns to the same level as before the pandemic.

The two days with a drop in applications, recurring on the graph, correspond to weekends. As is usually the case, there are always fewer applications on Saturdays and Sundays. This remains true in times of lockdown.

At the same time, the number of new jobs offered by recruiters has also been divided by 4, like the number of applications at the beginning of the lock-up. On the other hand, the number of applications does not increase during the whole period of confinement. It remains at a relatively low level.

The impact of the coronavirus on recruitment during the containment period is therefore a change in trend compared to the last few years when the number of applications per post tended to decrease, whereas it is now starting to increase again.

From 11 May

This is the date of deconfinement, this trend is confirmed and accentuated. In fact, the number of new jobs offered by companies remains 2 times lower than before the crisis. It is slightly higher than during the containment period, while the number of applications continues to increase.

Recruiters receive twice as many applications per job offer as before the crisis.

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