CNIL and recruitment software : the obligations

CNIL et Logiciel Recrutement


The use of a recruitment software allows you to build a database of CVs or pools of candidates. As such you have sensitive information. In this article we will we will detail all the obligations of companies regarding to the CNIL and recruitment software.

Indeed, it is advisable for all organizations (companies, communities, recruitment agencies, associations…) using a recruitment software to make a declaration of its use to the CNIL. The declaration to be made is the so-called “normal” declaration. This is the most frequent declaration. It concerns the majority of processing operations that do not raise difficulties concerning the protection of freedoms.

Also, it should be noted that the declaration obligations are the same regardless of the way the information and CVs are stored. Thus, for paper or computer media, the rule is the same. And, your email is also concerned. So if you use a web-based CV management solution, your data being on your provider’s servers, you must declare it.

As such, the software publisher is considered by the CNIL as a “subcontractor”, so it does not have to declare the candidates or the CV databases.

The CNIL recommends not to keep an application more than 2 years after the last contact. Intuition Software’s recruitment software allows you to easily set up the parameters and choose the purging method (automatic or manual) and the desired retention period of the CVs after the last contact with a candidate.

To declare your file you must fill out the form on this page of the CNIL and choose “normal declaration”.

CNIL obligations for recruitment software

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