How do I become a good recruitment officer? The job description!

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Recruitment managers aim to find the right profiles and attract the best candidates to strengthen your company’s teams. They play a major role in the search for new talent but also in the diffusion of your employer brand from the very beginning of the recruitment process. As for all the company’s business lines, its missions and skills are evolving with the digitalization of recruitment techniques. In this article, we propose you to revisit the qualities and skills required to recruit (or become) an outstanding recruitment manager!

What are the missions of a recruitment officer?

The recruiting manager must, in collaboration with the management :

  • Define the right candidate profile for the required position. This first step is crucial because it is about starting on the right basis from the start so as not to recruit the wrong person. Recruitment is a long and costly process. It is therefore necessary to get all the actors to agree upstream to start in the right direction!
  • Write an attractive advertisement adapted to the required profile. The recruitment manager must demonstrate good writing skills and adapt the ad to the candidates sought while respecting the company’s culture;
  • Place it in the right place at the right time. Thanks to his detailed knowledge of the profile, the recruitment manager knows how to select the platforms and networks where he will reach the right candidates;
  • Identify and select the candidates who will be interviewed among all the applications received;
  • Guarantee the smooth running of the recruitment process;
  • Respond to those who will not be received and build a talent pool;
  • Participate in interviews;
  • To assist in the final decision making process.

What are the required qualities to be recruitment officer?

Technical skills

The recruitment manager must master the technical skills related to his job. However, the interview is neither a monologue nor an interrogation. The recruiting manager must make it a real time of exchanges.

He must also be comfortable with all recruitment management tools using TTYs (recruitment software).

Soft skills

Soft skills are behavioral competencies which refer to relational intelligence, communication skills, character, interpersonal skills (source Cadre emploi 1).

For the recruitment officer, they must be :

  • Curiosity
  • Open-mindedness
  • Empathy
  • Adaptation

This attention must be given to all candidates even in case of refusal. Responding to all candidates, even those who are not selected, is important for the employer brand. Take the time to motivate your refusal and keep preciously this contact who could be the right candidate for a future position.

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