Is recruiting on Clubhouse a good idea ?

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Born in the Silicon Valley in the middle of a lockdown, the Clubhouse application has not finished making the news. Some use it to develop their network, others to train or to have fun… What about the potential of this platform in terms of recruitment? Is it really useful to recruit on Clubhouse? This article explains.

What is Clubhouse ?

Clubhouse is a social network made up of virtual chat rooms that are entirely oral. Called “rooms” on the application, they are simply audio conference rooms. They are always live, and they can be followed by several people.

What sets Clubhouse apart from other social networks? The voice is king. It’s impossible to write any message or hashtag, or even to send a photo or launch a video. Everyone can create their own chat room and regulate access (public/private), just like creating a Facebook group.

Another important detail: Clubhouse is about immediacy. Conversations are only live. Impossible, therefore, to listen again to a missed discussion, as one would do with a podcast (or even with the radio, with the replay system).

💡 Good to know

In its early days, Clubhouse worked only by invitation. To access it, you had to be sponsored by an already registered user – each new member of the social network received two invitations to distribute around them.

How does Clubhouse work?

You sign up for Clubhouse as you would for any other social network. You have to create a profile, find your friends by connecting your address book to the application, indicate your interests (such as marketing, entrepreneurship, politics, music, etc.). This last step is essential, because it allows you to discover chat rooms in line with your passions.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll land on the Clubhouse “news feed. There, you’ll discover the different chat rooms in progress, recommended according to your preferences or the clubs you’ve joined.

The “Explore” tab of the social network allows you to explore certain themes by discovering people, clubs or chat rooms that are associated with them. For example, when typing the keyword “recruitment” in the “Explore” tab, Clubhouse suggests following influential users in the field, and suggests joining clubs or chat rooms related to this theme.

💡 Good to know

Each chat room can host up to 5,000 people at a time.

An app that encourages active listening

Unlike a live radio show, listening doesn’t have to be passive on Clubhouse. Participants in a discussion who want to speak can press the “raise your hand” emoji. This is a Clubhouse code that allows you to explicitly ask the room administrator for permission to speak. They can then choose whether or not to let you “go on stage.

If you are an active listener, participation in a chat room is free and does not commit you to anything. In fact, you can leave a chat room at any time by pressing the “exit discreetly” button.

Why should I recruit on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse can be a strategic recruitment tool for several reasons.

A new networking tool

Often compared to LinkedIn, the Clubhouse application is particularly popular with entrepreneurs. And that’s not surprising: from the start, Clubhouse has had a roster of high-profile personalities and entrepreneurs, including Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and Drake. In just a few months, the platform has built a community of experts and entrepreneurs and has become a veritable talent pool.

Entrepreneurs can create chat rooms to pitch their projects, get trained on specific topics, debate on a current topic… or simply chat informally with their peers.

This is the strength of Clubhouse: the platform is centered around exchange. It allows raw, unfiltered knowledge sharing. Where does it differ from LinkedIn? It’s a platform that doesn’t use any artifice or staging. People simply talk to each other, spontaneously. There is less storytelling and more informal exchange. For a recruiter, this is particularly valuable.

recruiting on Clubhouse to discover talent in an authentic way

We recently spoke to you about the need to recruit without a resume, a more inclusive recruitment method that values people above all. And using a network as free and spontaneous as Clubhouse allows recruiters to look beyond technical skills.

By making voice the main medium, Clubhouse is a great way to discover charismatic personalities who stand out for their way of expressing themselves, their energy, their personality… In short, everything that a resume doesn’t say and yet remains essential in a potential candidate.

💡 By browsing chat rooms in a targeted way, a recruiter can get to know a freelance data analysis expert, a particularly creative communication student, a seasoned salesperson looking for a new challenge…

An excellent network for recruiting students

It’s no scoop: students and young graduates know how to identify the latest trends and adopt them like nobody else. Investing in a young platform like Clubhouse is a guarantee to discover young profiles who want to expand their network or discover professional opportunities.

Today, Clubhouse even has chat rooms or clubs dedicated to meetings between professionals and students. For a recruiter, this is a golden opportunity to informally discover students looking for internships or work-study opportunities.

📌 On Clubhouse, the club called “Recrut’Club” aims to put recruiters and young students/graduates in touch with each other.

This social network also allows recruiters to “infiltrate” certain student chat rooms to discover talent. It is also possible to target rooms focused on specific sectors (marketing, HR, IT…) – a particularly interesting tool for headhunters.

Recruiting on Clubhouse in conclusion

More than a social network, Clubhouse is above all a place for informal discussion. By emphasizing the voice, a medium characterized by its spontaneity, the application makes it possible to discover talents in a frank and intimate way. For both candidates and recruiters, it is a great way to stand out, thanks to their know-how and their personality. What could be more essential in 2021, at a time when soft skills are more important than ever?

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