Recruiting for the holiday season : questions to ask yourself

Recruter pour les fêtes de fin d'année


The holiday season is fast approaching and plays an important role in increasing the company’s turnover. The latter often need reinforcements to maintain their activity during this intense period. Therefore, they do not hesitate to recruit.

But recruiting for the end of the year holidays is still not obvious, how to go about it and what are the questions to ask? The answer in this article.

Recruiting for the holiday season : Which sectors of activity are the most affected ?

Recruiting for the end of the year holidays does not concern everyone. It depends on the needs of each company.

Those who are the most affected by recruitment during this period are mainly :

  • The sectors of mass distribution
  • Department stores,
  • Specialized stores (clothing, toys, cultural and electronic products…),
  • Logistics (product delivery, online sales, etc.),
  • Hotels and restaurants,
  • Department stores,
  • Leisure and food industry

💡 If you work in one of these sectors, it is certain that you will need to recruit for the end of year holidays.

Have you ever recruited at the end of the year?

If you’re used to recruiting for the holidays, you already know what to do!
Reach out to the same contacts as in previous years and contact those whose work you have enjoyed to see if they are available.
If this is the first time you are recruiting during this period, don’t worry. Always anticipate in such conditions and ask yourself the right questions:

What type of contract should you choose when recruiting for the holiday season?

Choose the contract that best suits your needs but also your constraints (duration, budget, missions, …).

Various types of contracts are possible:

  • The temporary employment contract (temp): this type of contract is concluded between the temp agency and the temp employee, also called “temp assignment”. This contract allows you to save time if your recruitment needs are urgent and important. It can be renewed once, but the total duration of the mission cannot exceed 18 months
  • The fixed-term contract for temporary increase of activity: It has been established to meet a need for a specific mission. Also, the total duration cannot exceed 18 months. The cases authorized by the law to use this type of contract are the following To meet a real increase in activity and/or this increase in activity must be temporary. To replace an absent employee
  • The contract of extra : It allows to recruit an employee for the execution of a precise and temporary task (a few days or even a few hours in the day). It cannot exceed 60 days during the same quarter and the working hours must be defined in order to establish the employee’s pay. This contract must meet specific and immediate needs for a specific position. It is mainly used in the hotel and restaurant sector.
  • Seasonal fixed-term contract: this type of contract is subject to seasonal activity. This period must be repeated every year, on approximately fixed dates, and does not depend on the employer’s will. The seasonal contract cannot exceed 8 months.

Another possible option:

The temporary: hiring a candidate with this type of contract at the end of the year will allow us to evaluate his or her ability to manage missions during crucial periods and represents the opportunity to potentially keep him or her on a permanent while carrying out short and diversified missions.

How to recruit candidates for the end-of-year holidays?

To find candidates, the quick and easy way is to post a job offer online on a job board and on social networks. Don’t hesitate to create an original recruitment campaign related to the holidays to highlight your ads and attract the best candidates.

An ATS like Jobaffinity can help you facilitate your recruitment process – especially by posting your job offers on different job boards.

You can also take advantage of your network, solicit your relatives (family, friends) who can also call upon their own contacts.

For those who are used to recruiting at the end of the year, the most effective solution is to call upon employees who have already worked for your company. The advantage is that they will be more operational in the requested assignments.

💡 Good to know:

Faced with this pandemic, some sectors such as the hotel and restaurant industry are experiencing difficulties in recruiting. As for the trade and logistics sector, they find candidates easily.

“We do not expect any difficulties to date,” says Fnac-Darty.

“And We don’t have any particular problems.

We are a training school, we attract all types of profiles,” confirms Amazon.

To remember:

The main difficulty during a recruitment process for the end-of-year holidays is to recruit for a long-term position. You have to anticipate to recruit efficiently and choose the type of contracts according to the company’s needs. If your recruitment needs are urgent and important, we advise you to opt for a temporary employment contract (interim).

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