Gamification: an innovative recruitment method

gamification du recrutement


What if you offered a unique recruitment experience to your target? Gamification of recruitment allows you to unearth talents through a playful path. This method is a real asset for your company.

In this article, we propose you to discover this method, its interests, its advantages, its objectives and the different possible games. 

Gamification of recruitment: definition

The word “gamification” includes the word “game”. In human resources, the term “gamification” refers to an innovative recruitment method used by companies that consists of using games and scenarios. This term could be translated as “ludification” in French. 

This method makes the classic job interview more fun for the candidates who have to stand out thanks to their potential. Indeed, CVs sometimes tend to look the same. It is then difficult to differentiate the career paths and to judge the value of a candidate.  

What are the interests and benefits of gamification in recruitment?

Gamification presents several interests for companies in the short and medium term. Indeed, this recruitment method allows : 

  • To evaluate the candidates’ skills in conditions close to reality; 
  • To highlight the team spirit of the participants;
  • To offer a recruitment process that is both simple and fast for the recruiter AND fun for the candidates;
  • The vision of your company will be more realistic!

💡 On the company’s side, this represents a considerable asset to stand out from its competitors by offering an innovative candidate experience. Moreover, this method thwarts the stress that a classic job interview generates. Indeed, unlike a classic job interview, the candidate cannot lie or overestimate himself to convince. 

💡 For the candidate, it’s also an opportunity to take a first step into your company and reveal his best self. He or she is banking on his or her abilities, not the impression he or she may give.

👉 Gamification is also perfectly suited to recruiting millennials who have grown up in the gaming world. A playful recruitment process is more likely to attract these profiles who will take more care in preparing their application. 

Choose the right games for your target audience

Recruiting through games: defining your objectives

Recruiting through games: yes, but in an intelligent and thoughtful way. If gamification is meant to be fun, it must be based on precise objectives to be effective. Indeed, the games or scenarios you choose will be influenced by your objectives: 

  • Evaluate soft skills: the game is an excellent way to evaluate the adaptability, empathy, stress management and teamwork skills of candidates in a natural (or almost natural) context. 
  • Enhance your employer brand: by offering an innovative hiring experience, you send an attractive image of your company. Targeted candidates will learn about your values and brand culture. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. ⚠️ Be careful not to oversell your company, however. 
  • Discovering atypical profiles and hidden talents: through the use of games, candidates can stand out from the crowd. The game allows you to highlight personality traits or assets that would not have been the case with a traditional job interview. 
  • Reduce turnover: millennials tend to be restless and change jobs as soon as the position no longer suits them. Through gamification, you have the possibility of creating a situation in the real conditions of the position. Thus, the candidate will have a realistic view of his future position. 

Choosing the right game for relevant recruitment

The choice of the game is made according to your objectives, your target, the time available and of course, your budget. Here are some examples:

  • Fun tests: these are simple, standardized or customizable tools that can be adapted to all profiles. They allow you to evaluate the analytical and logical abilities of applicants. It is quite easy to integrate them into a recruitment software.
  • Escape games: this is probably one of the most popular games today. Lasting from 15 to 60 minutes, these scenarios plunge the candidates into a life-size escape universe. They will have to rely on their soft skills to solve puzzles together and get out. It is an excellent way to discover leadership, listening and stress management skills. 
  • Challenges: a tool that will allow you to identify competitive profiles. 
  • The hackathon: these events are rather intended for the digital professions and are spread over several days. The candidates must, for example, develop a digital program on a given problem in a minimum amount of time. 
  • The serious game: in this last case, we are not kidding anymore. The objective of the serious game is to improve the knowledge of the applicants and to prepare them for a demanding position. 

Dare to innovate, reinvent yourself and modernize your recruitment process with gamification! This practice will allow you to highlight your employer brand in the eyes of candidates and to involve your future employees more.

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