Hiring financial aids in 2022: we tell you everything

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It is common knowledge that recruitment difficulties have never been so acute in France. At the end of 2021, nearly 800,000 job offers published on Pôle Emploi remained unfilled. The reasons: unattractive working conditions, geographical mismatch (between supply and demand), lack of skills or training… 

To reduce these recruitment tensions, the government has multiplied in recent years the devices and aids for hiring. We tell you more in this article. 

What is hiring financial aids?

It’s all in the title! A hiring subsidy (or employment subsidy) is a partial financing scheme set up by the State to encourage recruitment. In practice, hiring aid allows companies to benefit from reduced social security contributions. 

The goal: to fight unemployment and revitalize certain employment areas.  

What are the different recruitment aids that exist? 

Whether you are a small company, an SME, a large group… You are probably eligible for hiring assistance. We detail here the main aids that can concern you – be careful, this selection is not exhaustive.  

Exceptional aid for hiring young people

As part of its stimulus plan, the government has implemented several key measures. Among them, the hiring aid for work-study programs (apprenticeship and professionalization). Its objective: to encourage the employment of young people on work-study or professionalization contracts.

Exceptional aid for the hiring of apprenticeship contracts: 

This scheme provides financial support to companies wishing to recruit one or more apprentices via an apprenticeship contract.

What are the terms of application of the aid? 

This aid is paid for the first year of the apprenticeship contract. The amount varies according to the apprentice’s profile: 

  • It is 5 000 € for a minor apprentice
  • Or €8,000 for an adult apprentice (under 30 years old) preparing a diploma, a professional title or a certificate of qualification, up to a master’s degree (bac +5).

The apprenticeship contract must be completed by June 30, 2022. 

💡 To learn more about the companies involved in this assistance, visit this dedicated page.

Exceptional aid for hiring under a professionalization contract

This device follows the same principle as the previous aid. Its aim is to support companies wishing to hire an employee under a professionalization contract. The conditions for obtaining the aid are also identical. The young person joining the company must be under 30 years of age and preparing a diploma up to Master level.

What are the terms of application of the aid? 

The assistance is paid during the first 12 months of the contract.

The amounts are identical to those of the exceptional aid for hiring apprentices.

As for the professionalization contract, it must be concluded by June 30, 2022 at the latest. 

Hiring bonus for the recruitment of job seekers over 30 years old

On September 27, 2021, the government launched its plan to reduce recruitment tensions, valued at nearly 1.4 billion euros. Its objective? “to respond to the immediate needs of companies, by directing job seekers and employees to the professions most in demand”. 

In this context, a hiring bonus has been introduced. This is aimed at companies recruiting long-term jobseekers over the age of 30 on professionalization contracts

This also applies to temporary employment agencies that recruit long-term jobseekers under temporary employment contracts or temporary professional development contracts.

What are the terms of application of the aid? 

The amount of this hiring bonus corresponds to 41% of the total annual salary cost of the new recruit. 

Here again, the contract must be signed by June 30, 2022 at the latest for professionalization contracts, and by December 31, 2022 for interim professional insertion contracts and interim professional development contracts.

It should be noted, however, that the company does not have to take any particular steps. The companies concerned are automatically notified by Pôle Emploi.

💡 Good to know

In addition to this aid, the State offers exceptional aid of 1,000 euros to long-term jobseekers who agree to train in a company in a job known as “in tension”.

Extension of geographical aid

The 2022 Finance Act, whose objective is to promote economic growth, grants an additional year to certain geographical social or tax exemption schemes – thus valid until December 31, 2023. This measure concerns in particular:

  • Regional aid zones
  • Urban free zones and entrepreneurial areas
  • Urban areas to be revitalized and employment areas to be revitalized
  • Rural revitalization zones
  • Priority development zones.

The “Emplois Francs” scheme will be renewed in 2022

The “Emplois Francs” program is to offer financial assistance to companies that hire an unemployed person living in a priority district of the city’s policy, which are distinguished from the rest of the territory by their low income. 

And the goal: to promote the employment of young people from priority neighborhoods, while fighting against discrimination in hiring.

What are the terms of application of the aid? 

The amount of aid for the hiring of a person in “Emploi Franc” is €15,000 over 3 years for a permanent contract (full-time). This aid increases to 5000€ over 2 years for a fixed-term contract of at least 6 months. It is paid by Pôle Emploi every six months. For more information, you can consult this dedicated page.

Hiring aids in 2022, in brief

Although not exhaustive, we hope that this selection has given you an overview of the different hiring aids available to companies! Don’t hesitate to follow the news of Pôle Emploi to keep up to date – the legislation evolves quickly in this field.

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