Job offers: how to multicast them efficiently?

multidiffusion offres d'emploi


According to an APEC study dedicated to the challenges of multicasting job offers, “79% of recruiters surveyed who have a recruitment software package use it to distribute executive job offers. We can therefore understand that behind this tool lie real issues of efficiency and time saving. What are the advantages of this function and how to use it efficiently? The answer in this article! 

Publish job offers easily with a multicasting software 

As the name suggests, the job multicasting feature allows you to broadcast one or more job offers on different sites with just one click. Thus, with such a function, you can, in a few clicks, broadcast your content on the job sites of your choice (social network, free or paid job board, career site …). Sometimes, multicasting allows you to deploy the same content on a hundred different media, in one go!

💡 The term “job site” is broad. It also refers to free job sites (l’Étudiant, APEC, Indeed…), paid job sites (Monster, Régionjob…), institutional sites (such as Pôle Emploi), professional social networks (such as LinkedIn), generalist or specialized job sites, etc. 

Multicasting of job offers: what’s the point? 

First and foremost, multicasting your job offers makes recruiting easier by saving precious time. With this option, you can publish your content in one go on all the distribution channels of your choice… And thus increase the visibility of your offers and receive a maximum of applications with a minimum of effort. This feature is particularly useful for recruiters who need to post many job openings on a regular basis. 

With a multicasting tool, you can remove a time-consuming task from your daily routine, freeing up time for more value-added tasks – and thus optimizing your recruitment process.

The stakes are high for recruiters. By simultaneously broadcasting its ads on multiple channels, a recruiter can optimize the creation and broadcasting of its job ads so that they reach the right candidates.

As an added bonus, a recruitment tool can also allow to evaluate the performance of the offers broadcasted on each of the chosen sites, thanks to a tracking code.

💡 Often, this function is present in recruitment software or ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which, as its name suggests, allows to “track” applications. This is particularly the case with JobAffinity, our application management software. 

How to use a multicast tool?

Setting up your recruitment software to multicast your job ads is easy! You just have to follow these simple rules: 

  • Contact your service provider in order to configure the multicasting option (this essential step will allow you to select the job boards you wish to use and to indicate your access and subscriptions, to specify the different users for each tool (if you work in a team), etc.).
  • Opt for multicasting to increase the visibility of your offers!
  • Analyze the performance of each medium, using the data provided by your tool. This is an excellent way to discover which job boards are generating a lot of applications and which ones are not. This valuable information will allow you to better target your next recruitment campaigns by using the appropriate channels… Which, in the long run, will allow you to optimize your recruitment costs.

💡 Posting the same offer on several recruitment sites allows you to boost your visibility on the web… Which increases the number of applications received.

Distribute your job offers efficiently with JobAffinity 

In short, a multicasting tool allows you to publish several job offers simultaneously. This feature is a natural part of the options offered by our JobAffinity recruitment tool.

But that’s not all! You can also centralize all your applications in our recruitment tool. Designed by recruiters for recruiters, JobAffinity removes repetitive tasks from your daily routine. Publishing and distributing job ads on job boards, sorting and analyzing CVs… Our tool does all these time-consuming tasks for you!

Our teams are at your disposal to answer your questions or to let you try our tool through a demo.

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