Digitalization of recruitment : what if we went further in 2022?

Digitalisation recrutement


We live in a world where the digitalization of recruitment (e-recruitment) is becoming more and more important every year. After 2 years of health crisis, the behaviors and the way of working of recruiters have been transformed. More and more recruiters are using recruitment software (ATS) to better manage their recruitment process.

Also, candidates’ needs are constantly evolving and recruiters have no choice but to adapt. Several features that you may not think of can help you meet these needs.

The advanced features of your recruitment software

  • Multicasting of job offers :

Multicasting is an important element when you use a recruitment software. It allows you to broadcast your job offers automatically in one go on several job boards and thus save time during your recruitments.

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  • Calendar & email synchronization :

The synchronization of Google or Outlook calendars & emails is a real game changer for recruiters. It allows them to receive email feedback from candidates directly in their ATS and to display their appointments and interviews simultaneously in their Google and Microsoft calendars and in their recruitment software.

  • Statistics and reporting :

The reporting tool in your ATS can allow you to have a better knowledge and control of your activity and your budget. Thanks to many statistics are available such as the male/female ratio, the best job sites for your recruitments or the recruitment delays.

  • Sending SMS :

Sending SMS can be a decisive element in certain sectors of activity. Indeed, there are sectors where SMS is much more effective than email to contact candidates. It can also be interesting if you want to reduce the risk of lost messages for example (spam).

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  • Resume parsing :

The Parsing tool automatically analyzes, identifies and extracts information from each resume regardless of the format (pdf, image, scan, handwritten, etc.) Thus, you optimize your productivity by reducing processing and screening time.

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  • Resume matching :

Matching is the correspondence between a candidate profile and a position to be filled. It takes into account the candidate’s skills in relation to those required to fill the position.

  • The career website :

Attract top talent and boost your employer brand by creating a customizable career page.

You can create your career site with Intuition Software.

  • Approval workflows :

The approval tool allows the recruiter to make approval requests to his hierarchy before publishing a job. This can be efficient when he is in a very hierarchical organization or when he has to send several approval requests to different people. It can also be used for the approval of leaves or budgets.

  • Deferred video :

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the deferred video interview is more and more used. It is a remote interview, filmed and viewed offline by the recruiter. During this interview, there is no interaction with the recruiter and the questions are pre-recorded.


If you do not yet have a recruitment software or do not have these functions in your tool, contact a consultant now to discover Jobaffinity.

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