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The recruitment software is an essential tool for companies looking to save time in their hiring process. In fact, this recruitment tool offers a range of functions that greatly optimize human resources management work: automation of daily tasks, creation and multi-posting of job offers, application tracking, etc.

Nevertheless, with so many recruitment software on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Price, function, features and efficiency: there are many criteria to consider when choosing the right tool.

Are you looking for recruitment software for your company? Intuition Software explains all about the HR recruitment tool:

Intuition presents everything you need to know about recruitment software

What is recruitment software?

Recruitment software, also known as ATS (Applicant Tracking System), is a digital platform that helps streamline and optimize the recruitment process through digitalization. It automates job postings, follow-up and contact with candidates, to find the ideal profile for each recruitment.

In particular, this recruitment tool can be used to publish job offers in multiple online locations, follow candidates through the hiring process and communicate with them via email, WhatsApp or SMS. Thanks to modern software, recruiters can quickly and easily sort through a large number of applications using keyword searches or customized filters.

So, the ultimate goal of using recruitment software is to help organizations improve their recruitment processes so that they can find better candidates faster than ever, while reducing the overall costs associated with integrating new members of staff.

What’s more, some of these recruitment tools offer comprehensive solutions, such as HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems), covering recruitment optimization, candidate management and human resources management.

Why use recruitment software in your company?

As hiring is a time-consuming process for recruiters, recruitment software can greatly optimize this process, from application to onboarding. In this way, they aim to respond to companies’ main challenges: attract the best talent for your vacancies and save time on recruitment with an impeccable process.

By optimizing the hiring process, recruitment software helps attract the right talent and increase productivity. Such a tool allows you to:

  • Improve application rates: the candidate experience is enhanced with intelligent forms and fluid navigation, helping to increase the average conversion rate of online job offers.
  • Save the recruiter time by automating time-consuming processes (distribution and publication of advertisements, application management and communication with candidates, etc.): thanks to the automated applicant tracking system, you can easily manage incoming applications and create detailed reports on the groups of candidates you receive. This way, you eliminate manual paperwork and tedious administrative tasks, so you can concentrate on more important tasks;
  • Improve the attractiveness of ads: offers are more interactive and better targeted, offering greater clarity for future candidates;
  • To facilitate the analysis of applications (CVs, cover letters, etc.).): some recruitment tools offer filtering and advanced search systems to create and manage candidate pools based on skills, experience, qualifications and other criteria. This makes it easier to select the best profiles for your company, while helping your team save time by avoiding interviewing unqualified candidates;
  • Improve team collaboration: by allowing you to share your opinion and comment on an application, communication around the recruitment of a candidate is simpler and more collaborative.
  • Have complete visibility of your recruitment activity: by giving you access to a wide range of statistics, recruitment software helps you to improve the process more and more (number of applications, recruitment time, number of hires, etc.).);

Thus, recruitment software represent a powerful device to help your company streamline and optimize its hiring process. What’s more, this recruitment tool can offer many other features such as digital onboarding, automated interview scheduling, comprehensive reporting capabilities, AI recommendations for jobs/candidates, etc.

Recruiting software offers essential features for your business

What are the essential features of recruitment software?

The recruitment software includes various features essential to improving your processes and recruitment efficiency. These include the possibility of creating a career site, a CV library, a distribution channel or a candidate pool.

  • A career site: this is customizable and easily accessible to give you access to all job applications;
  • A CV library: to centralize the applications received and create a file for each candidate for greater clarity;
  • A channel for distributing job offers: the recruitment software creates and distributes job offers on various networks, to optimize the process;
  • Candidate pools: these allow you to sort applications according to your needs and expectations;
  • A messaging system for the human resources department: it facilitates exchanges between recruiters and candidates;
  • Candidate tracking: this feature is very useful for keeping an eye on the progress of a recruitment;
  • Evaluation grids: to help you conduct your interviews more effectively;
  • Statistics: these show you your performance in terms of recruitment so you can see where you stand;
  • A collaborative aspect: recruitment software helps to involve the team and streamline the candidate search process.
There are many recruitment tools to suit your needs

The best recruitment software for your needs: Jobaffinity

While there are many recruitment software packages available (Taleez, Zoho Recruit, etc.), to take advantage of a comprehensive tool that facilitates and optimizes all your recruitment processes, Jobaffinity is the software for all your needs.

Our recruitment software Jobaffinity gives you the flexibility and customization you need for streamlined hiring processes. In fact, our 100% French tool was developed by experts in the fields of recruitment and the web. Its ease of use guarantees a simplified, responsive and time-saving user experience.

Jobaffinity offers you various features that are essential for the smooth running of your service, such as publishing job offers in multiple online locations, tracking candidates throughout the hiring process and the ability to communicate with them via email, WhatsApp or SMS.

Our recruitment software also offers candidate evaluation functions via notes or questionnaires, to help you better gauge a person’s skills before even calling them in for an interview.

Jobaffinity is designed to simplify the hiring process for companies and communities by providing them with all the resources they need, while ensuring that recruiters have access to valuable data throughout the process!

How much does our Jobaffinity recruitment software cost? We offer you a no-obligation subscription with sliding-scale monthly rates based on the number of users and their profiles:

  • From €50 to €80 / month for recruitment and interim agencies, with 1 user free for the first year ;
  • From €50 to €110/month for companies and public authorities, with free and unlimited manager reviews;
  • From €25 to €110 / month for networks and franchises, including organization creation.

Recruitment software is an essential part of your hiring process, saving you time and making it easier to select the right candidates. Do you have any questions about our recruitment software or would you like to try Jobaffinity? Contact our team, who will be happy to help you with all your needs.

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