Short of candidates?


You have published a job offer on different jobboards but you are not receiving enough applications?  

There are several reasons for this: a job description that is too classic, requirements that are too high, a company culture that is not valued enough or an obsolete recruitment method. 

According to a 2019 Michael Page study (Recruitment process: candidates’ perceptions and expectations | Michael Page France), 2 out of 3 candidates think that the process takes too long and 1 out of 3 candidates have already given up on a position they were interested in because of the length of the recruitment process. Moreover, 91% of candidates would like to benefit from a greater immersion in the company’s culture.

Hence, these figures show that a recruitment process that is too long, too complicated and poorly used does not make candidates want to apply.

Short of candidates? Optimise your recruiting techniques: 

  • What if you hired back a former employee? You can save both time on recruitment and on the integration of the employee but also face the shortage of candidates. This recruitment method is very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries and is called “boomerang recruitment“. 
  • Are you having trouble recruiting and feel that recruitment is costing you too much money? Think about your corporate image also called employer brand! According to Linkhumans, companies with a strong brand image notice a 43% decrease in recruitment costs.
  • If you cannot find suitable candidates in France, consider hiring a foreign employee.It will help you overcome the shortage of candidates and become more international. It allows you to find candidates with more specific skills.
  • Analyze your data to gain in efficiency! This is the objective of HR reporting. It will allow you to optimize your recruitments and to better use your company’s resources.
  • And what about street sourcing, have you thought about it? It simply means looking for candidates in the street. This method favors meetings, human contact and favors the recruitment of talents who would not have thought of applying for your company.

Short of candidates ? Optimise your application process:

  • According to an Intuition Software survey, 91% of recruiters believe that they do not receive enough applications in their recruitment process. Read Intuition co-founder Alexandre NOTO’s advice on how to attract, engage and retain candidates.
  • A complete and concise job offer can help you increase the number of applications received.
  • The creation of an efficient and adapted recruitment process remains one of the first elements to develop. Do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article here.
  • Optimize application processing to attract more candidates. Efficient application processing will improve your employer brand and attract more talent. Opt for an ATS (or recruitment software) that will save you time and improve your organization. 
  • Perhaps your career site is poorly optimized or you simply don’t have one at all?  According to MétéoJob LCI, more than 50% of candidates use their career site to search for and apply to a job offer. Having a career page is therefore essential to attract more candidates. Our web agency Paradisiak, specialized in the creation of career page is here to help you!

To conclude :

As you will have understood, the way of recruiting, the recruitment process, the employer brand as well as the job offer itself are important to attract talents. It is therefore important to spend time on this to overcome the shortage of candidates!

For more information :

  • Find all our articles dedicated to recruitment on our HR Intuition blog here.
  • To learn more about our Jobaffinity solution, request a demo right here.

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