How can you boost your employer brand during recruitment?

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The interest of the job alone is no longer enough to attract the right candidates. Candidates now need to quickly understand who you are and what you promise before they apply. To do this, you need to be able to make your culture, values and vision accessible, and to make the proposed mission meaningful. A well-prepared employer brand will enable you to do this. This work is essential to help candidates project themselves in your company. In this article, we guide you through how to effectively communicate your brand during the recruitment process.

Take care of your career space

The career space is often the first contact that the candidate has with your company. Indeed, this is where they will find all the advertisements to come and work for you. It is also an important channel for discovering your company. You should therefore pay special attention to make this first experience a success. How can you attract the right candidates and build up a pool of qualified talent in this area?

  • Simplify the application process with a simple procedure adapted to the tasks and profiles sought. You will not be able to address a salesperson in the same way as an architect, nor will you be able to ask them for the same documents to apply;
  • Make it easy to make appointments online if necessary;
  • Stand out from the crowd by promoting your company culture and values in this space. Explain your company project, its meaning and its values. To attract the younger generation, do not hesitate to show your commitment to career development and the acquisition of new skills.

Attract candidates with an attractive job description

Remember to describe your corporate culture when you write the ad. As we explained in a previous article: “How to write a job ad properly?

  • Make a short but attractive and dynamic presentation of your company;
  • Highlight your growth, your dynamism but also your convictions;
  • In a few words, get the candidate involved in your adventure, make them want to join you by sharing your vision;
  • Promote your principles and values (equal opportunities, commitment to teams, customers, etc.);
  • Highlight the advantages of the candidate joining you: challenges, acquisition of skills, development… make them want to join you!

Highlight your ambassadors

Your employees are your company’s best ambassadors. In the eyes of candidates, they are the most credible people to talk to about you. Their word is perceived as much more reliable than yours. They are the ones who will give coherence between your external discourse and the reality experienced internally. Today, your employees can be solicited by candidates directly via social networks before applying for an ad. Your employees can also be proactive by spreading information about their company via these same channels. In order to transform your employees into true spokespersons for your company, we advise you to respect your employer promise: internal development, skills acquisition, respect for work-life balance, rewards for performance, but also conviviality, team spirit, etc. If your employees are happy, they will naturally become convincing ambassadors and actors of your employer brand.

You can also set up a programme to promote your vacancies on social networks and even offer candidates the opportunity to meet your employees. Some online platforms already offer companies the opportunity to match candidates with your employees.

Treat applications with quality

Your efforts should not stop once candidates have applied to your advertisement, quite the contrary! We encourage you to process applications in a qualitative way. We already suggested this in our previous article: How to select the right candidate in the face of a flood of CVs? Our Jobaffinity solution allows you to process applications quickly according to filters to help you select candidates efficiently. This tool allows you to quickly get in touch with the candidates you want to receive and respond to those who don’t fit the profile. Reactivity is the key to a good relationship with candidates. In both cases, they receive a quick response. Be careful with your messages even when the answer is negative to give a good image of you and give a reason for your refusal. They may be the right candidate tomorrow!

Sharpen your managers’ interview speech

During recruitment interviews, your managers must be able to talk about your company in a way that sells and is consistent with your employer brand in order to get candidates on board for a common adventure. Don’t hesitate to brief them by sharing a common discourse with all managers, including key words or language elements. This will make them aware of the subject and help them prepare for the big day and make the company attractive to candidates.

Do you want to process your applications in a qualitative way? Would you like to benefit from a more efficient recruitment process in line with your employer brand? Request a Jobaffinity demo ! Make an appointment!

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