The benefits of a recruitment software

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ATS or recruitment software has become a must for many recruiters. The benefits of recruitment software are numerous. From small companies to the giants of the CAC40, via SMEs, recruitment agencies and public services. According to a survey by APEC, 27% of companies are equipped with it and this figure is constantly growing.

All of them now want to equip themselves with application management software. But why? What are the advantages of this tool that all recruiters dream of?

More applications in your mailbox

The first advantage perceived by recruiters is that they no longer receive CVs by e-mail, as applications are directly recorded in the software for the position concerned. On a day-to-day basis, the main advantage is that you will be able to reduce heavy and repetitive tasks and be more efficient.

You will have a clear vision of the progress of your recruitment thanks to the dashboards that you can configure as you wish.

Considerable time savings

Thanks to the automation of the most time-consuming tasks, you can save time

Thanks to the parsing of CVs, the recruitment software converts CVs into structured data to facilitate reading and help you compare CVs.

Also you have the possibility to multi-post your job offers on several job boards in just a few clicks.

RGPD compliance guaranteed

An important benefits of a recruitment software is that you can automatically manage the RGPD. You don’t have to do anything, your software takes care of everything. You can work with peace of mind and focus on other tasks.

Standardize your processes and optimize communication and exchanges with candidates

One of the great advantages of recruitment software is the standardisation of processes. Create processes directly in your recruitment software that will be followed by your employees to standardise the way you work.

Create email or job templates and communicate directly with candidates in your software.

You can also work in collaborative mode with all your colleagues directly in the tool. This way you avoid losing information and exchange information much more easily.

History and CV library

Benefit from the history of all the stages of recruitment, to optimise the processing of applications, but also the sourcing. In your software, you can build up a database that facilitates future recruitments.

Optimise the cost of recruitment

ROI of application sources, average recruitment time, etc. With an ATS, you can quickly optimise your recruitment costs. Indeed, in addition to saving time, the ATS helps you in your decision making

The results are clear: Jobaffinity users have reduced their recruitment time by an average of 14 days and say they have more time to evaluate candidates.

Reporting for better monitoring of your statistics

From where candidates come from, the ratio of men to women, or the time it takes to recruit for a position, the best performing job boards, etc. You can create a multitude of reports to monitor your statistics and optimise your recruitment strategy.

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