Saas and Cloud: what is the difference? Glossary



Saas and Cloud: what is the difference? SAAS and CLOUD don’t get confused anymore. Below is a small glossary to avoid any confusion.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is commonly used to refer to an application natively designed for the web. In concrete terms, there is no longer any software to be installed, it is accessed directly through the Internet browser. Thus, with a login, a password and a terminal connected to the Internet, you can use the service in the same way as your Gmail mailbox or your Facebook network.


Cloud or Cloud Computing, which is a term currently in widespread use, encompasses SaaS but also includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Of these different forms of Cloud, SaaS is the one that has been growing the most in companies in recent years.


E-recruitment comes from the English term “e-recruitment” where the “e” stands for “electronic”. The term e-recruitment means the incorporation of new technologies into pre-existing recruitment processes. It is therefore not similar to recruitment 2.0 where everything happens exclusively on the web.
For example, using recruitment optimisation application management software to sort through previously scanned paper CVs is e-recruitment. E-recruitment software or recruitment software


Our Jobaffinity recruitment management software is in Saas mode. As soon as the customer account is activated, the software is immediately available and all our customers benefit from the latest developments of the tool.

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