Recruitment chatbot: an essential tool for your employer brand

Chatbot de recrutement : un outil primordial pour votre marque employeur


Technological innovations are constantly gaining momentum in the world of human resources. And the recruitment chatbot is no exception! It must be said that this valuable tool offers many benefits for recruiters and candidates. Find out how chatbots could change the way you recruit with this article!

What is a recruitment chatbot? 

A chatbot is a digital tool that allows to communicate virtually. Developed to improve customer service, it has gradually been democratized in the majority of websites, regardless of their activity. We recommend the one from our partner, KMB Labs.

This term comes from the English words “chat”, which means “to discuss”, and “bot”, which means “robot”. In other words, a chatbot allows users to communicate with a robot to answer simple questions, resolve queries or provide information. 

This type of tool has rapidly evolved with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, it is able to optimize itself as it interacts. 

It works with algorithms and technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a basic tool for language interaction projects that analyzes the user’s questions. It can then provide contextualized answers and communicate with the user by simulating a conversation. 

💡 It has become, over time, a true employer brand lever. Many companies have integrated a chatbot into their career site to allow candidates to submit their resume and inquire about a position. 

Recruitment chatbot: the different types

The recruitment chatbot plays a significant role in the candidate experience. This tool is a kind of gateway for talents who want to apply for your company. Indeed, one can easily imagine a candidate starting a conversation via the chatbot and continuing it on WhatsApp, by email or by video conference. 

Before integrating this type of tool to your website, it is important to specify that there are several types of recruitment chatbots that can be grouped into 3 main categories. Thus, it can :

  • Provide information through a list of frequently asked questions and answers. The informational chatbot is there to assist candidates in their job search and application. 
  • Automate all or part of your recruitment process: the matching chatbot can, for example, associate a CV with a job offer. 
  • Sort and select applications: the decision chatbot can help the recruiter to select the candidates’ CVs by asking simple and factual questions. It can, for example, ask for details on mobility, languages spoken, diplomas, etc. 

The advantages of the recruitment chatbot

This tool allows to automate part of the recruitment process. Moreover, it perfectly meets the expectations of candidates, mainly Millennials, who are fond of this mode of communication. Rather playful, it allows to converse in a fluid and fast way. 

💡 Most importantly, it has 7 valuable advantages over your competitors!

1 – Improve your brand image

 It brings an innovative and digital image to the company. It allows you to differentiate yourself on the job market and to meet the expectations of potential candidates. Moreover, the most reserved candidates have the possibility to communicate freely via the chatbot.

2 – Connect with talent that is not currently looking for a job

The chatbot can serve as a first contact with professionals who are not actively looking for a job, but who might be tempted by a job offer. Candidates know that they are talking to a robot and that it does not commit them in any way. This is a non-aggressive way to make a connection. 

3 – Collect unsolicited applications

The chatbot can engage in conversation with the candidate to collect information about him, share job offers that match his profile or how to apply spontaneously. Thus, his CV does not get lost in a long list of emails to read.  

4 – Selecting candidates 

As we have seen previously, this type of tool allows you to select candidates through relevant questions. It allows you to process a plethora of applications quickly, to verify key criteria for the position or to collect valuable information on each profile.

5 – Answering candidates’ questions

It is sometimes difficult to contact a recruiter. Using a chatbot is a great alternative to answer candidates’ questions at any time of the day and even on weekends.

6 – Schedule interviews

As you know, it can be complicated to juggle two busy schedules. Setting up interviews is a time-consuming task for human resources. With the implementation of a chatbot, you give candidates access to your schedule. They will only have to select the time slot that suits them best. 

7 – Save time

As you can see, the main advantage of this tool is that it saves you time on several levels. This is all the more relevant during a mass recruitment campaign.

The limits of the recruitment chatbot

Like any tool, the chatbot has (negligible) weaknesses.

  • First of all, some may consider that it lacks humanity. Indeed, the candidate is talking to a robot and not a human being.
  • Second, some reactions are unpredictable and there is no guarantee that a robot can answer all questions.
  • Finally, people sometimes write with abbreviations, emojis or familiar expressions. It is therefore necessary to program a chatbot to understand the different ways of speaking. 

The chatbot in recruitment is still in its infancy. But it is likely that this tool will develop quickly since it is already a great success. All you have to do is include it in your career page or on your website to save a lot of time during your recruitment process!

💡 Good to know: it is possible to include a chatbot on Whatsapp, SMS and even Messenger!

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