How to recruit better thanks to the QWL (Quality of Work Life)?

mieux recruter grâce à la QVT

Finding quality talent is not an easy task. The job market is currently under pressure in many areas. So, to differentiate yourself, base your recruitment strategy on the quality of Work Life (QWL). Gone are the ping-pong tables and fruit baskets so popular with start-ups for a while. We are banking on approaches that will enhance your employer brand. Discover in this article how to recruit better thanks to QWL!

💡 Good to know: 42% of work stoppages are due to unhappiness at work. (Source: Ayming, 10th Absenteeism® and Engagement Barometer, 2018).

Reminder: What is QWL?

The Quality of Work Life (QWL) is defined by the feeling of well-being at work by employees individually and collectively. It refers to the tools put in place by the company to ensure that employees have the most pleasant working environment possible.

There is a legal obligation on the part of the employer to ensure the safety and health of his employees, as stipulated in article L. 4121-1 of the French Labor Code. But QWL goes even further…

👉 It encompasses:

  • Working conditions: the organization, the social climate and the extra-professional activities.
  • Work content: i.e. the autonomy granted to employees and the possibilities for development.
  • The capacity for expression and action: i.e. the balance between personal and professional life and the commitments made by the company.

Quality of Work Life : an asset for recruiting

It may seem logical, but it’s not inborn in every company. And unfortunately, employees talk to each other, to their friends, to their neighbors… and even on websites or forums.

👉 Bottom line: if there’s a bad work atmosphere within your teams, it can get out and hurt your recruitment campaigns.

QWL is a major argument in the context of a recruitment strategy. It attracts the attention of candidates who are looking for more than just a job. Indeed, to recruit and retain employees, companies have every interest in standing out. The QWL levers that we will present in this article can greatly contribute to the attractiveness of your brand image.

💡 Our advice: don’t hesitate, like Google, Airbnb and many other reputable companies, to highlight the benefits you offer in your job ads. This way, you will increase your chances of attracting interesting profiles.

Better recruiting thanks to QWL: a few ways to implement

1 – Creating a serene social climate

It is important to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere for all your employees. You can do this by having an induction day for newcomers; having transparent internal communication; organizing team-building activities to bond employees; or offering regular feedback to your employees and encouraging them.

👉 The little extra: involve your employees for their well-being! For example, you can make it a rule that everyone greets each other in the morning (at least in the same department). Smiles guaranteed!

2 – Provide a pleasant work environment

QWL is also about providing your employees with functional and safe equipment to avoid work-related accidents and improve their productivity. In addition, you can provide a rest area so that everyone can take their break in a quiet place. Finally, it is also relevant to offer employees ergonomic solutions so that they can work in the best conditions.

👉 The little extra: green spaces with plants to add a little zenitude to your offices! By discovering premises, candidates will be able to project themselves more easily and will be all the more eager to accept your job offer.

3 – Allow your employees to grow within your company

This element is very important, especially with Millennials who are always looking to evolve, even if it means changing employers regularly. They are always looking for meaning in their work.

👉 So, in the text of your ad or during interviews, don’t hesitate to indicate that you offer access to training and that it is possible to grow internally.

4 – Prioritize work/life balance

Many employees who are overloaded with work or, on the contrary, who have boring assignments, are at risk of burn-out or bore-out. It is therefore your duty to ensure that each of your employees has a good work-life balance.

👉 Besides, you can improve their working conditions and pace of life with a few simple actions: organize carpooling between employees, be flexible on working hours or telecommuting (especially for those who live far away or have children) or offer places in a company crèche near the workplace.

5 – Offer “little extras” to your employees

Finally, nothing prevents you from offering additional services to make your employees happy.

👉 Your employees will appreciate a free annual membership to a gym; tasting or Do it yourself (DIY) workshops; idea boxes to improve daily life in the office; or an internal social network similar to Facebook to exchange between colleagues.

One thing must be remembered: “Today, we no longer offer a job, we sell a company”. And that is the whole point of QWL!

A good quality of life at work will be a valuable asset to highlight your company culture and receive a plethora of applications. In addition, it will allow you to retain your employees and avoid turnover. As you can see, recruiting through QWL is a considerable asset!