Do resume parsing and resume anonymization in a few clicks

Automatically extract information from a resume to fill out candidate forms. Anonymize resumes

CV parsing allows to extract all key information about a candidate. Then, this information is collected, sorted and classified in a table or a recruitment software in a few seconds.

Candidate forms are then created and filled in thanks to the automatic filling in provided by the parsing.

If you have the parsing function (Textkernel), you can access the anonymization function of the candidate profiles.


What are Jobaffinity's resume parsing capabilities?

Our partner Extract! from Textkernel Enables you to enrich our parsing to collect even more data from your candidates’ resumes and online profiles.

We have created a new gateway to their solutions, so that Intuition Software customers who wish to use the Textkernel Extract! modude no longer have to pay any setup or start-up costs.

You want to integrate the Extract! module to your application management system? Contact us for more information.

For any subscription to the Extract service option from Textkernel, the world leader in the field of artificial intelligence applied to HR.

The application forms benefit from the detection of the following additional information from the CV:

  • The number of years of experience,
  • Position and current employer,
  • Cell phones from the CV. This allows for candidate searches by phone number and improved SMS functionality,
  • Keyword recognition in scanned resumes. This allows you to extend your search to resumes that are images.
  • Language level,
  • The level of study,
  • The business sector.

More information on the Textkernel website

Textkernel parser can process documents in any format, such as pdf, docx, doc, html, odt, txt, etc. It can also process scanned documents by applying OCR (optical character recognition).

Additional functions for filtering and evaluating applications

Track candidates with optimized management software to save you time.

More details on the follow-up of the applications

During the evaluation phase, preview in zero clicks the resumes received.

More details on CV preview

With the preview of the resumes or the score of the questionnaires that you have set up, reject in 1 click all the resumes you want thanks to a simple button.

More details on the rejection of application in 1 click

From Jobaffinity, it is possible to automatically determine the distance in km between the address indicated on the candidate’s CV and the location of the job offer in order to qualify the positioning.

More details on the geolocation of candidates

Jobaffinity allows you to organize the applications received by talent pool. You will quickly find the most relevant resumes for your future recruitments.

You build your own CV library;

More details on the candidate pools

Collaborative tool (internal collaboration on applications): information sharing, fluid manager opinions.

More details on collaborative evaluation


Which features are you interested in?

Jobaffinity is packed with features that will enable you to halve your recruitment costs and optimize your application and CV management.