Create candidate pools and CV libraries

Keep, sort and organize your own pool of candidates

Do your sourcing in a simplified way thanks to our LinkedIn plugin that allows you to save LinkedIn profiles directly in your recruitment software.

Build up a CV library and benefit from talent management tools (pools, semantic search, communication, etc.).


What are the possibilities of Jobaffinity's candidate pools?

The assignment of one or more candidates to one or more pools can be done in two ways: From the list of candidates or applications and/or from the record of my candidate.

To delete a candidate from a pool, go to the candidate’s file and click on the cross in the name of the pool to be deleted.

Yes, it is possible to merge pools. To merge 2 pools you can transfer the one in which there are less candidates into the second pool. You can then delete the first pool and rename the one you want to keep if necessary.

You can import multiple resumes into Jobaffinity at the same time by naming the import and assigning it to a pool.

Additional functions for filtering and evaluating applications

Track candidates with optimized management software to save you time.

More details on the follow-up of the applications

During the evaluation phase, preview in zero clicks the resumes received.

More details on CV preview

With the preview of the resumes or the score of the questionnaires that you have set up, reject in 1 click all the resumes you want thanks to a simple button.

More details on the rejection of application in 1 click

From Jobaffinity, it is possible to automatically determine the distance in km between the address indicated on the candidate’s CV and the location of the job offer in order to qualify the positioning.

More details on the geolocation of candidates

Collaborative tool (internal collaboration on applications): information sharing, fluid manager opinions.

More details on collaborative evaluation

The CV parsing allows to automatically extract all key information about a candidate.

Then, this information is collected, sorted and classified in a table or a recruitment software in a few seconds. Candidate forms are then created and filled in thanks to the automatic filling in provided by the parsing.

More details on CV parsing