Take into account the geolocation of the candidates

Know how close your candidates are to the workplace

From Jobaffinity, it is possible to automatically determine the distance in km between the address indicated on the candidate’s CV and the location of the job offer in order to qualify the positioning.

You can see this information at a glance without having to check the location of each candidate.

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What are the advantages of Jobaffinity's candidate geolocation?

It all depends on the nature of the skill sought by the recruiting company! If the latter is penurious, then restricting yourself to a limited geographic area will only make it more difficult for the recruiter. For example, a company looking for talent for particularly rare positions (such as tech) would be well advised to offer more flexibility to its talent (with partial or even full remote working) – so as to broaden its search.

On the other hand, local recruitment is perfectly suited to one-off hires that can be filled easily. Its goal: to geographically target candidates to improve their recruitment experience (and their work experience!)

Why recruit talent locally, at a time when telecommuting has never been more popular? According to INSEE, one in five employees teleworked every week in 2021. This is a legitimate question.

The reason is simple: the geolocation of a company remains a criterion of choice for candidates today. In fact, according to a Meteojob x Clever Connect study, the top three criteria for selecting a candidate’s job offer are (in order of importance):

  • the location
    the content of the missions
    the salary

It is either taken directly from the CV (via the CV parsing that Jobaffinity is capable of), or from the response form filled in by the candidate.

You can also update this information if the applicant states that they will be moving soon.

If you are recruiting for the same position in different cities, geolocation recruiting will be even more useful. Indeed, with the multicasting of ads allowed by your ATS, you will be able to publish a job offer in each city/geographical region where you are recruiting! With the same ad, you can choose several geographical zones of publication. Afterwards, each application will be handled locally by the recruitment managers. Simple, effective and guaranteed zero waste of time!

Additional functions for filtering and evaluating applications

Track candidates with optimized management software to save you time.

More details on the follow-up of the applications

During the evaluation phase, preview in zero clicks the resumes received.

More details on CV preview

With the preview of the resumes or the score of the questionnaires that you have set up, reject in 1 click all the resumes you want thanks to a simple button.

More details on the rejection of application in 1 click

Jobaffinity allows you to organize the applications received by talent pool. You will quickly find the most relevant resumes for your future recruitments.

You build your own CV library;

More details on the candidate pools

Collaborative tool (internal collaboration on applications): information sharing, fluid manager opinions.

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The CV parsing allows to automatically extract all key information about a candidate.

Then, this information is collected, sorted and classified in a table or a recruitment software in a few seconds. Candidate forms are then created and filled in thanks to the automatic filling in provided by the parsing.

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Which features are you interested in?

Jobaffinity is packed with features that will enable you to halve your recruitment costs and optimize your application and CV management.