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questions à poser à un jeune diplômé

15 questions to ask a fresh graduate during an interview

In a previous article, we shared with you our recommendations for recruiting on certain social networks such as Snapchat or TikTok. If you want to recruit junior profiles in your company, speaking on these platforms can be very beneficial. What about the questions to ask a young graduate during a job interview? Light in this […]

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recruter en aout

Recruiting in August : good or bad idea?

“Recruiting in August, what’s the point?” one might ask. For the majority of French companies, the month of August often rhymes with a drop in activity and quietude. Yet, this seemingly quiet period can be a great source of opportunities. Here are six good reasons to take advantage of the month of August to move […]

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logiciel recrutement - Illustration marque employeur

The benefits of a recruitment software

ATS or recruitment software has become a must for many recruiters. The benefits of recruitment software are numerous. From small companies to the giants of the CAC40, via SMEs, recruitment agencies and public services. According to a survey by APEC, 27% of companies are equipped with it and this figure is constantly growing. All of […]

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capture Extension logiciel recrutement

Extension and module for the recruitment software Jobaffinity

LinkedIn extension for our recruitment software Jobaffinity We have developed a specific extension for the Chrome browser for our Jobaffinity recruitment software. This extension allows the capture of candidates from Linkedin. This means that you can integrate candidate profiles found on Linkedin and then integrate them into the Jobaffinity CV library. When you search on […]

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Saas and Cloud: what is the difference? Glossary

Saas and Cloud: what is the difference? SAAS and CLOUD don’t get confused anymore. Below is a small glossary to avoid any confusion. SAAS Software as a Service (SaaS) is commonly used to refer to an application natively designed for the web. In concrete terms, there is no longer any software to be installed, it […]

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illustration RGPD

GRPD and recruitment : obligations in data collection

Since 25 May 2018, the European regulation on the protection of personal data (GRPD) has provided a framework for data collection. Thus, the data requested from candidates on the recruitment form is governed by this regulation. What is the principle for recruitment? The principle in the context of a recruitment or the enrichment of your […]

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Une main tapant sur un ordinateur

Why digitalise your recruitment process?

Why digitalise your recruitment and use business software for recruitment. Below you will find the advantages of digitalised recruitment. Implement a real strategy for distributing your job offers Use several distribution sources (intranet, website, job boards, etc.) to maximise the return rate. Depending on the type of position, you adapt these distribution sources. By increasing […]

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Illustration quand diffuser son offre d'emploi

When is the best time to publish a job offer?

When is the best time to publish a job offer to get the most applications? When is the best time to publish a job offer? We have conducted a survey of more than 3000 recruiters who use Jobaffinity’s recruitment management software to answer the question “when should you publish a job offer? ” . We […]

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Illustration offre d'emploi

How to advertise a job offer?

Your advertisement is written according to the rules of the art: short, concise with a catchy title? The challenge now is for you to distribute it in the best possible conditions in order to gather a maximum number of qualified applications and choose the right employee. In this article, we share with you our best […]

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Illustration rédaction d'une offre d'emploi

How to write a good job offer ?

Your objective is to attract a maximum number of qualified candidates to ensure the success of your recruitment. To do this, you want to advertise in a way that will allow you to be attractive and stand out from other companies. Even if companies receive more applications today than before the COVID crisis, your challenge […]

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