Use templates for ads or emails

Avoid repetitive tasks through message and announcement templates

Save time and speed up your recruitment processes by saving your email templates or with our different email templates available on Jobaffinity: hiring, rejection or interview.


What are the templates of messages and job ads of Jobaffinity ?

You can create your job ad templates in advance or when you send a new email to a candidate you can choose the “and save as template” box

When creating a JOB, you can choose an existing template from a drop-down menu.

Yes, you can add links or images in your email templates.

Yes. You can use variables in the subject and content of your message. These variables can be stored in templates to produce custom messages from a common template. Variables should be written in square brackets, for example, “Your application:[poste] “. The variable [emailutilisateur] can also be used in the “From” field (sender address).

Other features for creating and publishing job ads

Create your jobs and publish them on your website or on job boards, directly from the recruitment software. All applications are centralized in the recruitment software.

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Facilitate the entire recruitment process with recruitment questionnaires.

About 60% of the job ads created with Jobaffinity contain questionnaires.

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Write your job offers efficiently and quickly with the GPT Chat artificial intelligence.

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Multi-publish your job ads in 1 click, quickly and efficiently

Subscribe to a subscription based on the number of job sites you want to set up

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Jobaffinity is also an opening to your HR tools through a marketplace integrated into the solution.

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