Add a questionnaire about your job offers

Effectively pre-qualify applications to your job offers

The questionnaire: a key element to facilitate the management of applications.

The questionnaires consist of a clear overview of all applications and their progress.

They also allow you to track your recruitment process and performance.


What are the possibilities of the Jobaffinity recruitment questionnaire?

As many as you like.

We have not placed a limit on the number of questions.

However, our advice is not to put too much into the questionnaire so that it doesn’t take forever.

You can choose from these options for the type of response that applicants can bring:

  • Free text (short: 255 characters)
  • Free text (long: 4096 characters)
  • Multiple choice (check box)
  • Single choice (drop-down list)
  • Figure

Absolutely, you can assign scores to each multiple choice or single choice answer.

You are free to choose the scale you want, the total score of the candidate will be visible in your interface (and you can sort by score).

The candidates, of course, do not see the scores that the answers represent

The questionnaires are optional, you can choose if you want to put them or not.

You can duplicate all your questionnaire templates and apply them to different ads as you wish.

Other features for creating and publishing job ads

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Multi-publish your job ads in 1 click, quickly and efficiently

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Jobaffinity is also an opening to your HR tools through a marketplace integrated into the solution.

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