Why digitalise your recruitment process?

Why digitalise your recruitment and use business software for recruitment. Below you will find the advantages of digitalised recruitment.

Implement a real strategy for distributing your job offers

Use several distribution sources (intranet, website, job boards, etc.) to maximise the return rate. Depending on the type of position, you adapt these distribution sources.

By increasing the number of applications received, you will have a better chance of getting better applications that are suitable for your position.

Jobaffinity’s advantages :
Jobaffinity, Intuition software’s recruitment software, allows you to :

easily distribute your advertisements to dozens of job sites with the multi-distribution feature,
measure the return rate of each of these sites and define the profitability of your ad purchase expenses.

Optimise the processing of applications

When reading the CVs received, you can find good profiles from the first candidates.

Moreover, processing numerous CVs can quickly become a long and tedious task. However, it is essential to process all the CVs and not risk missing out on a very good application.

For certain types of position, adding a questionnaire to the recruitment process, if it is very brief and well constructed, will enable you to avoid missing out on a good application. You will be able to eliminate out-of-profile applications more easily.

Jobaffinity’s advantages :
Our recruitment management application allows you to :

handle large flows of applications very easily with CV previews,
make questionnaires and automatically assign a score to each application, so you can be sure to process all applications quickly and highlight the best ones.

Respond effectively to all candidates

Today, the image of companies is tarnished by the lack of feedback and transparency towards candidates.

Don’t neglect to reply to all candidates, it will be easier for you to get back in touch with them later.

The Jobaffinity advantages:
Our Jobaffinity application allows you to :

respond very easily to all candidates and create email templates,
Build up a pool of candidates to call them back later if a position better matches their profile.

Comply with regulations including the GRPD

The new European regulation RGPD effective since May 2018 requires a good management of candidates’ data (see our article on GRPD). For example, you must be able to warn candidates about the collection of their data and manage the retention period as recalled in this article.

The Jobaffinity advantages :
Our software Jobaffinity allows you to manage the collection of candidate data and to comply with the legislation.

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Which features are you interested in?

Jobaffinity is packed with features that will enable you to halve your recruitment costs and optimize your application and CV management.