Security management and GDPR

An GDPR compliant tool with secure data;

All data collected is secure. You can set your data retention period and set up a reminder email. This email allows the candidate if he/she wishes to remain in the database to restart an RGPD deadline by clicking on a link.

Provision of an GDPR information text template directly in our tool.

Our tool detects applications that you have entered manually and therefore did not consent to beforehand and automatically deletes them after 30 days.

Schedule the deletion of profiles in your tool.


What are the security and GDPR features of Jobaffinity?

The GDPR setup includes:

  • Retention period for applications,
  • Informing candidates before they apply,
  • Emails sent automatically to candidates to renew their consent.
  • Set your retention period for each of your organizations in the “Retention of candidate data” section at the beginning: You must indicate the period and activate automatic deletion. Thus, in accordance with the legislation, candidates without action during this period are deleted.
  • You must also inform applicants of their rights on data retention, modification and deletion using the “Text of your GDPR Commitment” that will be displayed on your application forms.
  • Automatically renew the consent of candidates at the end of the deadline. This will allow you to define the email that will be sent to candidates to invite them to renew their data retention period.

Yes, this e-mail template can only be modified by the administrator and must be indicated in this section: “Organizations” in the “Candidate data retention” section.

To learn more about the GDPR, download our guide to help you manage your recruitment in full compliance with the GDPR from our Jobaffinity software. Jobaffinity : Manage your recruitment in full compliance with the GDPR (

Other security features

Your data is hosted in France by Claranet, the European leader in hosting services.

With an availability rate of over 99%, Jobaffinity ensures that your data is accessible from multiple servers that are backed up in real time.

More details on data security