Management of users permissions

Set user permissions based on your needs and your teams

In the user management, we have 3 types of users: administrator, recruiter and standard manager.

Administrator: has all the rights on his organization;

Recruiter: has the rights given to him by the administrator;

Standard manager: only has the validation tab giving him access to the candidates that have been forwarded. They don’t have a login and password. They connect from the links in the validation emails they receive.


What are the user rights possibilities of Jobaffinity?

There are 4 types of users:

Administrator: He has access to all functions of Jobaffinity. Can administer and set up the customer account. Can create and give rights to other users.

The Recruiter: Has access to all Jobaffinity functions for which the Administrator has given rights;

The Advanced Manager: have access to all Jobaffinity features for which the Administrator type users have given rights. The Advanced Manager can only access the workstations to which they have been assigned or the workstations they created.

The Manager: can accesses the applications that have been sent to them as part of an operational validation. They are not a user of the Service, they don’t have a login.

Accounts with Administrator rights can set the rights of each user by going to the “Admin/Users” menu.

Choose the user for whom you want to set the rights and click on Edit. You can choose the rights of the account by checking/unchecking the relevant right.

You have a contractual user quota.

If you haven’t reached your quota you can create a user simply from the administration area;

If you have reached your quota, you can free up a space by deactivating one of your accounts and creating a new account for the new employee.

If you wish to increase or decrease your quota, this requires additional billing.

Other recruitment management features

Automate the management of responses, whether by email from Jobaffinity thanks to email templates, by SMS from our partner Essendex or via Whatsapp.

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Whether you are in the Google or Microsoft environment , you benefit from the complete synchronization of your emails and calendars.

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Jobaffinity evolves regularly to bring you more and more ergonomics and novelties.

Join the recruitment software user club and be at the heart of the evolutions by becoming a beta tester and benefit from numerous advantages.

Take full control of Jobaffinity in a few minutes and customize the different modules according to your needs.

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Benefit from training and personalized advice to optimize your recruitment processes and develop your employer brand.

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In our application management software, you have a library of reports for better monitoring of your statistics.

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