QR Code Recruitment: A Sourcing Revolution with Jobaffinity


Find out how QR Code recruitment is revolutionising sourcing. Concrete examples, benefits and the new Jobaffinity function; A must-read!

You’ve probably come across these little black and white squares in a restaurant, on a poster or even on a product you’ve bought. Yes, we’re talking about QR codes. Who would have thought that they would find their place in the world of recruitment? Well, that’s the case.

These days, everything moves fast, especially when it comes to finding the job of your dreams or the ideal candidate. And the QR code, with its simplicity and speed, has established itself as a practical tool in this field, more specifically in sourcing. So how did we get here? And why is this a good idea?

And the best news? The one-click QR code is now a new feature of our recruitment software Jobaffinity! We explain everything at the end of the article.

History of recruitment by QR code

Although QR codes seem to be everywhere these days, they were originally used mainly in the automotive industry in Japan in the 90s. But as with many technologies, their use has diversified over time.

QR codes began to make their appearance in the world of recruitment in the early 2010s. Companies, always on the lookout for innovative ways to attract talent, have seen this as an opportunity. Imagine: instead of handing out a business card or directing someone to a complicated website, a simple scan of a QR code can redirect a potential candidate to a job offer, a video presenting the company or even an application form.

Over the years, this method has become increasingly popular. Recruiters have started placing QR codes on posters at job fairs, on business cards and even on promotional items. Candidates appreciated the ease and speed with which they could access information.

If you’re a keen LinkedIn user, you’ve probably seen their latest innovation: the creation of a QR code to connect on the network.

Examples of recruitment campaigns using QR codes

Berrge Tattoo: This tattoo parlour was looking to recruit a new artist and decided to use a creative method to test candidates as part of the application process. They printed their job adverts on paper with the texture and pattern of skin, with slightly lighter areas faintly indicating a QR code. Phones can’t read the QR code as it is, but if the budding artist fills in the blanks with a pen, it becomes functional. It’s a self-filtering test for one of the most important requirements for a tattoo artist: a stable hand with ink.

Armée de Terre : The French Army has launched a recruitment campaign entitled “Pour moi, pour les autres, sengager.fr”. A distinctive element of this campaign was the use of QR codes. These QR codes were designed to link to practical online fact sheets, providing potential applicants with additional information on the job of soldier and the opportunities within the French Army. In this case, it wasn’t just one QR code that was used. It was already possible to pre-orientate your request, and now you can do the same.

MacDonald’s: The fast food giant has also started recruiting using QR codes; McDonald’s has transformed its QR codes into iconic visuals for its products, such as burgers and fries. These stylish QR codes have been designed to be both eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, offering a refreshing alternative to the dull, functional look of traditional QR codes. These QR codes, recognisable by their McDonald’s-inspired design, were accompanied by the hashtag #reQRuitement. The campaign locations were strategically placed in areas where people spend time, such as bus or train stops.

Advantages of recruiting (sourcing) by QR code

Recruitment, or rather sourcing by QR code, is not just a trend, it’s a revolution that offers numerous advantages for recruiters and candidates alike :

  • Quick and easy: No need to type long URLs or search for a website. A simple scan of the QR code takes the candidate directly to the job offer, application form or even a video presentation of the company.
  • Extended reach:QR codes can be placed almost anywhere – on posters, business cards, brochures, even promotional items. This increases the visibility of job offers and reaches a wider audience;
  • Increased engagement: The ease of use of QR codes can increase candidate engagement. An intriguing or well-placed QR code can encourage candidates to find out more about a vacancy or a company.
  • Analysis and tracking : QR codes can be tracked, allowing recruiters to see how many times a code was scanned, where it was scanned from, and other useful data to refine their recruitment strategies.
  • Savings: Reduce costs associated with traditional advertising and the distribution of recruitment material. A QR code on a poster or business card can replace expensive brochures.
  • Innovation: In a competitive job market, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. The use of QR codes shows that the company is open to innovation and in tune with the times.

The little extra? You can entrust your QRcode to a graphic designer or an AI to put it in your company’s colours or blend it with an image. But be careful not to confuse the message, and make sure that anyone who sees this image knows that it’s a QRcode. There are many examples, from the simplest to the most complex. Don’t hesitate to share this idea with your marketing department !

Introducing Jobaffinity’s new functionality

Jobaffinity is constantly innovating to make the recruitment process easier. The latest feature ? One-click generation of QR codes to apply for Jobaffinity jobs. Here’s how it works and why it’s a major step forward:

screenshot of the QR code generation function for applying for a job with Jobaffinity
  • One-click generation:With this new feature, recruiters can generate a QR code for each job offer with a single click. It’s as simple as that.
  • Easy access for candidates : Applicants simply scan the QR code to access the job offer, apply or even make an appointment for an interview.
  • Integration with other tools:The QR code can be integrated into emails, posters, brochures or even social networks, offering recruiters maximum flexibility.

Take the QrCode sourcing plunge !

Recruitment is a constantly evolving field, and the adoption of QR codes is clear proof of this. These little black and white (or even coloured!) squares, once associated mainly with advertising and marketing, have found a place of choice in the world of recruitment, making the process more fluid, innovative and efficient for recruiters and candidates alike.

The use of QR codes in recruitment is not just a passing trend, but a genuine revolution that is here to stay. We decided to integrate this function into Jobaffinity because we are convinced that this method offers real advantages.

In a world where speed and simplicity are essential, QR codes seem to be the perfect tool to bridge the gap between recruiters and candidates, and one more element to transform the way we think about recruitment.

What’s more, it can give your graphic designers, communications and marketing departments some great ideas !

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