LinkedIn Limited Listings: everything you should know!

LinkedIn Limited Listings : tout ce que vous devriez savoir !


3.5 million unique visitors: that’s the number of French people who are visiting LinkedIn on a daily basis in 2022, according to Blog Digimind. Indeed, little by little, LinkedIn has become one of the most important social networks. It is currently the most used professional platform in the world. It is as interesting for professionals as for companies, to the point of becoming the favorite tool of recruiters. The latter have the possibility to publish job offers thanks to LinkedIn Limited Listings.

LinkedIn Limited Listings: a powerful tool for free automated job posting

1.LinkedIn: the social network of choice for executives

According to a study by Michael Page:

  • 87% of executives on LinkedIn are looking for a job;
  • 93% of them connect at least once a week or more; 
  • 68% of them are looking for job offers;
  • Finally, 68% of them follow the pages of the companies they are targeting. 

👉 These numbers demonstrate the importance of posting your job openings on LinkedIn, especially if you are looking to recruit executives. This share of professionals on the platform is the most proactive and most importantly, they are tuned into the job market. 

2.An ideal complement if you use an ATS

If you use a recruiting solution with an ATS such as Jobaffinity, the effectiveness of LinkedIn Limited Listings will be much greater. By linking your ATS to LinkedIn, jobs posted on your career page or via your ATS will automatically be pulled in and posted to the company page of this professional social network.

💡 Good to know: the update is not immediate. A synchronization time is necessary. But you still save precious time by not copying and pasting the ads.

3.The difference between LinkedIn Limited Listings and the LinkedIn Job option

LinkedIn Limited Listings allows you to publish jobs in an automated way on the platform and on different jobboards without having to manually copy and paste the ad. Everything is done in an automated way and for free. This tool is mainly aimed at active candidates who are looking for new opportunities. The job must first be created in your ATS before it ends up on LinkedIn. This means that it will not appear in the “Jobs” section of your company page. However, it will be visible in the job searches of candidates according to their search criteria. 

On the other hand, LinkedIn’s job option is ideal for publishing a job offer and reaching a maximum number of candidates, whether they are looking for a job or not, whether they are active or not. Ads are created and edited directly through LinkedIn. However, you will be charged a fee based on the “Pay per click” model. Hence, you pay every time someone clicks on the job posting.

In other words, the LinkedIn Limited Listings tool seems very relevant for a specific recruitment.

💡Good to know: The visibility of your ad will depend on certain criteria, among others. Think about linking your ad to a city or region to appear in searches based on geolocation for example.

5 constraints to know before using this tool

  1. You can only reach one target: active candidates: As mentioned earlier, this tool allows companies to reach only active candidates. In order to find a LinkedIn Limited Listings job, candidates must search for it based on their criteria.
  2. LinkedIn Limited Listings jobs are not prioritized: Since the tool is free, jobs posted through this channel take a back seat to those posted through the paid Job option.
  3. No statistics: Unfortunately, you won’t get any feedback on the performance of your listings via this tool. However, you will find them in your software with an ATS. 
  4. The Job Wrapping tool is offered to companies that have purchased job slots: Why? Simply to select the ads to put forward to passive candidates. 
  5. Your company must have a company page and a company ID on LinkedIn: This is an essential element to see your job offers published on the network. If you don’t, they simply won’t appear.

LinkedIn Limited Listings or “job” option (paid)?

The answer simply depends on your recruitment needs and goals. 

  • You are recruiting in a field where there is a shortage of talent, in other words, jobs in tension: in this case, opt for the job slot to broadcast your job offers. They will be seen by a larger number of people, even those who are not actively looking. 
  • You are recruiting in a field where there are more candidates than offers: LinkedIn Limited Listings is then adapted to your needs. Candidates will come to you naturally. 

As you can see, using LinkedIn Limited Listing can save you a lot of time. But this will only be the case if you are recruiting in a field where there are a lot of candidates.

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