Jobaffinity & AssessFirst Partnership đŸ€—đŸ‘Š


Jobaffinity & AssessFirst, the N°1 soft-skills assessment solution, have teamed up to offer you an exclusive offer: a 30-day trial and free training on personality tests!

How to benefit from it?

  • Sign up for our Jobaffinity recruitment software to take advantage of this offer by clicking here.

To learn more about AssessFirst

AssessFirst is a solution that evaluates the real potential of your candidates by offering a personality test in this way! 😏

AssessFirst uniquely combines personality, motivation and cognitive agility assessments with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. This way, you can optimize all the key stages of your talent management!

Successful results for more than 10,000 recruitment, HR and human resources managers worldwide including

  • Considerable time savings on recruiting.
  • Employees perform 30% better, twice as fast.
  • Free-fall turnover, with less than 50%.
  • Less bias and more diversity!

A candidate experience that makes you want to!

AssessFirst is the most popular tool worldwide among candidates, employees and HR professionals with over 1,400 Google reviews and a rating of 4.9/5.

Designed for your talents

Designed and optimized for all devices, candidates can complete their assessments anywhere, anytime. Also, they can be completed in one session or revisited to give them total flexibility.

Unequalled quality of results

You can consult the candidates’ reports in great detail in the form of downloadable PDF files or directly on the AssessFirst platform.

All candidates, whether hired or not, will receive their synthesized behavioral reports. This will provide them with an exceptional experience with you that they can use in their career.

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