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The year 2022 is coming to an end… It’s time to take stock of a year full of twists and turns and recruitment 😉. HR is a rapidly changing industry that plays a vital role in corporate strategy. HR has to constantly find ways to adapt to the changes and continue their business.  Discover in this article, the top Intuition Software resources most appreciated in 2022

Top 5 favorite items:

We’ve enhanced our Intuition Software blog with resources that are relevant to your issues and new trends that have emerged. Here are the top 5 favorite articles:

1. Less turnover in 2022: how to retain your employees?

Employee loyalty is becoming a major HR issue for companies in order to reduce turnover as much as possible. But how do you go about reducing turnover and retaining your employees? We tell you everything! 👈

2. Top Soft Skills Employers Value

Soft skills are more and more valued by companies, to the detriment of hard skills. You can unearth the rare pearl by focusing on soft skills. Find in this article, the 10 soft skills most appreciated by recruiters 😉

3. Hiring financial aids in 2022: we tell you everything

Recruiters and HR have been facing recruitment difficulties for several years. In order to reduce these recruitment tensions, the government has put in place a number of measures and aids for hiring. We tell you more in this article! 👈

4. Hiring a foreign employee: how do you go about it?

To hire a foreign employee, you have to follow the administrative steps scrupulously to be in compliance with the legislation 👈. In this article, we share our tips for hiring a foreign employee! 👊

5. Recruitment: contact the candidate by SMS, what are the advantages?

Did you know that SMS recruitment offers many advantages for both the recruiter and the candidate? To know what are its advantages, it’s here 👈

Top 5 most downloaded content:

1. Onboarding a new employee

The successful integration of new employees is an essential step in the smooth running of the company. In our checklist, you will find the steps to prepare the arrival of your new recruits.

2. Optimize your employer brand

Are you struggling to develop your employer brand, whether it’s during recruitment, internally or externally? Download this content to learn more.

3. Our recruitment interview evaluation grid

Download our recruitment interview evaluation grid in order to collect all the important information about the candidate. This will allow you to compare experience, motivation, hard skills, soft skills and qualities.

4. Design an attractive and original recruitment campaign: download our guide

You need to know how to distinguish yourself from other recruitment campaigns in order to attract potential candidates. In this guide, we share with you the 4 steps to design an attractive and original recruitment campaign!

5. Our recruitment email templates

With our different email templates, no need to write your recruitment email templates for each step. Speed up your recruitment process: hiring, rejection or interview.

We hope that these contents have helped you improve your way of working and enrich your knowledge. For the new year that is about to begin, Intuition Software has even more surprises in store for you! 🤩

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