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Jobaffinity is an user-friendly and intuitive application tracking system developed by recruitment professionals.

You are in good company

For thousands of recruiters, Jobaffinity is already their recruitment software.

Application Tracking System (ATS)

Sourcing is easy thanks to our LinkedIn plugin, which allows you to save LinkedIn profiles directly into your recruitment software.

Broadcast your ads on your site or job sites and organise your recruitment campaigns. All responses are centralised in the recruitment software.

Follow up on the candidates thanks to an optimised management software to save you time.

Create your own candidate database and benefit from talent management tools (pools, semantic search, communication, etc.).

Agréable et intuitif

Designed by recruiters to manage their recruitment, Jobaffinity is certainly the most Intuitive ATS on the market.

Pleasant and ergonomic, , this recruitment software avoids repetitive tasks and saves you time when managing applications. Use Jobaffinity in a few minutes with the default settings or create your own customised recruitment process.

HR directors, recruiters, managers and employees have a flexible interface adapted to their role in recruitment management.

Integration of the best HR applications

Access from the Jobaffinity recruitment software to additional human resources management services provided by major players (sirh, HR software) such as CentralTest, Assessfirst, Multiposting, TextKernel, Calendly, Indeed, Talentplug, Meteojob, etc.


To see all the functions of the recruitment software

You are in a company, firm or administration and you are looking to optimise your recruitment activity. In the age of the internet, social networks and the GRDP (General Regulation for Data Protection) it becomes important to choose a good tool to manage your recruitment process. This is notably the case with Jobaffinity, the recruitment software developed by Intuition Software.

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Find out what recruitment software is, its features and services, and who it's for.

What is an Application Tracking System?

Recruiting is one of the key tasks that make any organisation effective and well developed. Closely linked to the human capital of the organisation, its objective is to satisfy human resource needs through recruitment. It is a sensitive and long-term process that requires a great deal of attention and commitment on the part of those responsible for recruitment, in order to :

  • define the company's requirements for one or more vacancies ;
  • issuing job offers;
  • receiving applications;
  • Sorting, analysing and targeting outstanding talent;
  • respond favourably or unfavourably to the various requests;
  • and many others.

All these tasks can quickly become very time-consuming depending on the size of the company and the number of requests to be managed. A situation that can make the whole process more complicated and sometimes even less qualitative, both for the recruiter and the applicant. However, in the era of e-recruitment, several solutions have been developed to support organisations in the digitisation of their recruitment processes. It is therefore obvious that the daily use of high-performance recruitment software to produce this book is a matter of course.

A complete toolset to match the recruiters needs

Recruitment software therefore meets this requirement of recruiters to carry out their job in the best possible way. Far from dehumanising it, this programme is more like a 'recruitment assistant'. As such, it brings greater speed and performance to all the tasks involved in acquiring new employees. By completely digitalizing the acquisition process, it serves to :

  • facilitate the distribution of job advertisements;
  • simplify the reception, sorting and analysis of applications;
  • allow easy communication between the different parties;
  • identify among the requests received the ideal profile for the job.

By automating these repetitive and time-consuming tasks, it induces for the recruiter a radical optimisation of his activity. For the latter, this results in an improvement in his time management, the related costs, from the reception of requests to the choice of the ideal candidate for the position to be filled.

What are the functionalities of the recruitment software?

The recruitment software therefore intervenes at each of the stages that make up your company's HR process, making it simple, intuitive, less time-consuming and much more qualitative.

Create and disseminate your job offers everywhere on the web

Once you have defined the company's requirements for a given location, you will only need to create the corresponding advertisement. Through a concise form, the application helps you to generate a job offer that reflects the image of your organisation. Once created, it then allows you to multicast your advertisement:

  • on the dozens of platforms that are used to search for jobs;
  • or simply on your website.

Centralise the applications received

Associated with the various announcements on the web, several job application acquisition flows are thus created. The applications provided as well as the associated attachments (in this case CVs) enable "candidate files" to be composed in the recruitment software for each applicant. These files are all centralised in the software. This makes them much easier to manage, by :

  • global preview of the applications received;
  • sorting of offers and selection of the most relevant profiles according to the skills and criteria sought.

You can therefore concentrate on analysing the various applicants and choosing the best profiles for the job.

Interviewing the different candidates if necessary.

Several modules integrated into the application facilitate communication between the company and the various applicants for a given position:

  • automatic e-mail responses can be sent according to pre-recorded templates associated with mailing lists;
  • the "visiotalent" module allows candidates to conduct remote work interviews via video-conferencing.

And many other very useful functions

Other very useful modules are also available, always for better performance within the company in the short and long term. You can therefore :

    make your enrolments more reliable with assessments (measuring skills through technical tests, psychometric tests,
  • etc.) included in your questionnaires ;
  • build up a CV database of your professional network from the applications received for a given position;
  • easily find a profile thanks to the integrated search engine;
  • analysing the performance of your recruitment strategy in order to continuously adapt it at your convenience (
  • optimisation of the application acquisition network, for example).

What are the services and guarantees of the recruitment software?

In order to meet the requirements of the various recruiters, Job Affinity publishers offer guarantees and services that are essential in this field.

Immediate and continuous availability, thanks to a SaaS application.

The recruitment aid application is developed in "Software as a Service" or SaaS mode. The resources required for its operation are hosted on the cloud. It is therefore directly available online, using a browser and an internet connection. You will not have to install any additional software to access it. In addition, this model allows you to :

  • a gain in productivity, since you can use it from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) ;
  • to benefit in real time from the latest improvements to the web application, as updates are simpler and automatic;
  • optimal availability of the application.

Enabling collaborative use

The online accessibility of the application also encourages collaborative work and "multi-user" access to the service's resources. All authorised members of the same service can therefore work simultaneously on the platform. Modifications are then integrated in real time, to allow perfect synchronisation of teams at each stage of the enrolment process.

Frequent backups of your database

A point of honour is also placed on safeguarding the information collected. Indeed, it is carried out regularly and in real time, on several redundant servers. In this way, your data is secured against losses that could occur due to material damage to the recruitment software infrastructure.

Compliance with the requirements dictated by the RGPD

From data collection to archiving and processing by your services, each step is carried out in compliance with the conditions of the RGPD. All this information belongs to you and you can retrieve it at any time.

Tailor-made invoicing

The subscription required to operate this tool varies according to the size of your organisation, the number of users of the service, the different positions and the quantity of applications processed. You also have all the options of the application and you have access to it according to your objectives, since invoicing is tailor-made and on a sliding scale.

Who is the recruitment software for ?

The professionals behind the Job Affinity solution have designed it for the human resources managers of companies and all those for whom recruiting is the job. In addition, the customised subscription offers allow everyone to have the same functionalities and to be able to use the service simply according to their needs.

Useful for SMEs and large companies alike

In France, 27% of organisations are already using recruitment software to optimise their recruitment process, with 65% of these organisations being large companies with a staff of more than 5,000 individuals. These are all figures that show the need for them to be assisted in their recruitment processes. Moreover, this e-recruitment application will prove to be very useful, regardless of your sector of activity, as long as human capital plays a key role in it.

A relevant tool for firms making a career in recruitment

These firms offer their services to organisations that decide to outsource the acquisition of new employees to third party service providers. Having such an application in one's career will then be a must for these major accounts and their clients for whom they deal continuously with huge flows of job offers.

A significant impact on your "employer brand".

This rather peculiar indicator shows the good reputation of a company and the way in which it is enlisted. Since an organization's evolution is also linked to its ability to attract new talent, recruitment software would play a key role. Whether you are an administration or a recruitment firm, your employer brand will differentiate you from the competition, thanks to the competitive advantage provided by the use of an effective and comprehensive management program for your clients.