Your Application Tracking System with a clear price and no commitment

Recruitment agency

80 €

by user by month

Young firm offer: one user offered in the 1st year

Enterprise and administration

50 € à 110 €

according to user rights

Operational users included and unlimited

Multiple licences

degressive price


Ideal for networks, franchises and temporary staff

Partner advantage

license offered

for the second user

Join the user club

Your Guarantees

A service always up to date

We regularly upgrade the recruitment software. You benefit from these developments as part of your subscription at no extra cost. We ensure that these developments do not affect the intuitive use of your software.

Your data in compliance with the GDPR

The pool of candidates is your property. It can be returned to you at the end of the service in a format that allows it to be reintegrated into any other system.

You start immediately

We configure the recruitment software according to your activity. Jobaffinity can be used as soon as we receive your login and password. You have control over the settings and administration of the recruitment software. The most common settings are made very easily and directly by the user.

View your recruitment process from anywhere

Jobaffinity is a "Software as a Service" solution. It is a web application: access 100% of the services securely from your browser connected to the Internet, including on a tablet or a telephone when you are on the move.