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Partial unemployment in 2021: the main changes

The partial unemployment scheme, which has helped many companies in recent months, will soon undergo new changes. The Council of Ministers held on Monday, December 21 specified the changes to the partial activity scheme. These will come into force on February 1st 2021. We summarize the main changes to come regarding partial unemployment in 2021. […]

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How many recruitment agencies are there in France?

How many recruitment agencies are there in France? We have made an estimate of the number of recruitment agencies in France from 2005 to 2019. From 2005 to 2016 The latest information found on the INSEE website is more than 10 years old and dates back to 2005. At that time, there were nearly 1,600 […]

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How to detect soft skills during job interview?

In our article about the balance between soft skills and hard skills, we explained that a good recruitment is always a good mix between technical skills (hard skills) and behavioral skills (soft skills). But then, how to detect soft skills in a job interview? Soft skills are neither tangible nor measurable. To spot them, you […]

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Why develop the skills of your employees?

One of the priorities for companies today is to develop the skills of their employees. The acquisition of new skills is at the crossroads of several challenges for companies, such as business transformation and talent retention. In this article, we explain why it is in your interest to develop the skills of your employees. We […]

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Generation Y Using internet to find a job

Generation Y includes 16 million French people born between 1978 and 1994. This generation is very comfortable with computer tools and mostly uses the internet to find a job. A TNS Sofres study reveals the top 3 means used on the Internet to find a job: Job sites: 81 Unsolicited applications: 77 Company websites: 73%. […]

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Hard skills VS soft skills: How to find the right balance in recruitment

Relevant recruitment is always a mix of hard and soft skills. In an ever-changing world, soft skills are all the more essential. Should they, however, dethrone the more technical skills? Nothing is less certain. Hard skills VS soft skills, definition By “hard skills” we mean the technical or academic knowledge acquired by a candidate through […]

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How to avoid Cognitive Biases in recruitment?

Cognitive biases are like mental shortcuts that make it easier for us to make a decision. Their problem: like any bias, they are not necessarily rational or legitimate, and are often based on stereotypes. Light on the ten main cognitive biases in recruitment, and our tips to overcome them. What is cognitive bias? A cognitive […]

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How to select the right candidate when faced with a flood of CVs?

The signals are red on the job market. Sectors are particularly affected, such as hotels and restaurants, where many employees are now on short-time work. Young graduates are also impacted by the crisis. According to Apec, the decline in the volume of offers for young graduates in the first half of 2020 was 41% compared […]

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Recruitment trends in 2021: let’s take a look

Recruitment is undergoing many changes in 2021. First of all, they are technical because recruitment tools are not immune to digital transformation. They are also social because candidates’ expectations have changed. With the help of Véronique Philippe, director of RELAIS-ASSUR, a firm specialized in the recruitment of technical and/or commercial profiles for General Agents and […]

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Recruitment interview and social distancing : how to reconcile them?

Due to the current health crisis, companies have shown a great ability to adapt. From business models to working methods, including recruitment processes, etc. New practices have multiplied in the professional world, such as the use of videoconference interviews or deferred video interviews. Despite their practicality, these solutions have certain limits. Recruiting a new member […]

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