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You are in a company, firm or administration and you are looking to optimize your recruitment activity. In the era of the internet, social networks and the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), it is important to choose the good tool to manage your recruitment process. That’s why you need JobAffinity, the recruitment software developed by Intuition Software.


Find out what recruitment software is, its features, its services and who it is for

A recruitment software is a digital platform that helps streamline the recruitment process through automation. It allows you to automate job offers, candidate follow-up and communication.

Our Jobaffinity recruitment software can be used to post jobs in multiple locations online, track candidates through the hiring process and communicate with them via email, WhatsApp or SMS. With modern recruiting systems, recruiters are able to quickly and easily sort through a large number of applications using keyword searches or custom filters.

We also offer candidate assessment functions via scores or questionnaires, to help you better gauge a person’s skills before you even call them in for an interview.

The ultimate goal of using recruiting software is to help organizations improve their recruiting processes so that they can find better candidates faster than ever before while reducing the overall costs associated with onboarding new staff members.

Recruiting software, like Jobaffinity, can be a powerful tool to help your company streamline and optimize its hiring process. With Jobaffinity’s automated applicant tracking system, you can easily manage incoming applications and create detailed reports on the applicant pools you receive. This eliminates manual paperwork and tedious administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on more important tasks, such as ranking potential candidates and scheduling interviews.

In addition, our platform offers advanced filtering and search systems to create and manage pools of candidates based on their skills, experience, qualifications and other criteria. This makes it easier to select the best profiles for your company, while helping your team save time by avoiding interviewing unqualified candidates.

Lastly, our recruiting software offers many other features such as digital onboarding, automated interview/test scheduling/etc., comprehensive reporting capabilities for user-defined metrics (e.g., diversity analysis), AI-based recommendations for job postings/candidates/etc., a built-in ATS feature that allows employers to search resumes quickly and efficiently, and much more!
Jobaffinity is designed to simplify the hiring process for companies and communities by providing them with all the resources they need, while ensuring that recruiters have access to valuable data throughout the process!

Our recruitment software, Jobaffinity, is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility and customization for streamlined hiring processes. Here are some of the features that distinguish Jobaffinity from other recruitment solutions:

  • Unified job postings: With Jobaffinity, you can easily create unified job postings that allow recruiters to post a single ad that reaches multiple platforms at once, including LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster. This saves time and ensures that all necessary information is included in your ad.
  • Automated Applicant Tracking System: Our Applicant Tracking System allows recruiters to easily track candidates at every stage of the recruitment process. You will be able to receive notifications when an application has been submitted or an interview has been scheduled – so nothing goes unnoticed!
  • Multi-stage selection process: With our multi-stage selection system, you can ensure that the best candidates are identified quickly by creating a customized questionnaire with multiple stages of questions tailored to different functions. Each step becomes progressively more detailed as candidates move through your application pipeline.
  • Automated emails and messaging: You can set up customized automated emails to keep candidates and managers informed of all stages of the process. A transparent recruitment process reduces the dropout rate!
  • Assessment questionnaires: Questionnaires help employers identify skill gaps faster than traditional methods alone; you can set up your own questionnaires, with your own scoring system. These questionnaires will be completed at the same time as the application, regardless of which site the applicant applies to
  • Candidate pool/CV library: you can create as many CV libraries as you like to sort and archive the profiles you have received or those you have sourced. You can then search by keyword, skills, quiz results, experience or geographic proximity!
  • CV parsing: automatically extract all the important information from a CV, whether it is in Word, PDF or any other format, to automatically fill in the candidate’s file in one click thanks to our partnership with TextKernel

We have many more features to present to you and, good news, you can discover them all on this page!

Using our recruitment software, Jobaffinity, is incredibly easy and user-friendly. We designed it so that users can easily navigate the platform to create and post ads with just a few clicks, quickly find candidates who meet exact specifications and set up appointments or messages. This not only saves time in the recruitment process, but also ensures that employers find the right candidate for their position without having to sift through countless irrelevant applications.

Jobaffinity offers a wide range of features within a single platform, such as a powerful search engine that helps recruiters efficiently browse all resumes that match their criteria Candidates can also be sorted according to different categories such as location, skills, experience level, preferred languages, etc. There are also automated tools are included to speed up the entire process, including automated, customizable email templates so teams can review multiple candidates faster than ever.

Jobaffinity is an incredibly impressive and comprehensive solution for recruiters’ needs, making the hiring process easier and more efficient than ever! You will be guided and we always offer our customers a didactic onboarding session by video to set up your tool so that it meets your needs.

You know our tool, now discover our HR blog. You know our tool, now discover our HR blog.